Hey, 2010, How You Doing?

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I kinda started my New Year back in November ‘cos I didn’t wanna wait ’til January. Even though my enthusiasm quickly fell by the wayside, it was nice to feel the euphoria of wanting to change and taking steps towards it.

So January is like Take Two.

Money’s been a problem for me for a long time because it’s been a symptom of other stuff going on in my life. My finances, for the most part of 2009, looked like a ball of knitting wool a kitten had had a field day with.

This year, I really wanna get on top of my finances while making a lot of my dreams come true. I don’t want things to be the same ol’ same ol’ anymore. I don’t wanna do things I don’t wanna do. I want to do plenty of what I want to do. Like, plenty. So plenty that I’m pooping out fucking rainbows.

No more ‘thinking’ about it. More ‘doing’ about it. I’m saying goodbye to freelance writing for a start. Mentally, I moved on from it a long time ago, but forced myself to keep on doing it. This year, I’m making a clean break.

I don’t think I could stand it if this year was like its predecessor. I’m gonna keep that thought in the back of my mind and use it to drive me.

I hope y’all have a year that leaves you speechless with joy and contentment. Let’s rock it this year, strumming pink air guitars everywhere we go.

‘The beginning is always today’ – Mary Wollstonecraft.



  1. TriNi

    Here’s hoping you have a great year hun! You’re such a great writer but you’re so right.. if freelance writing is something you detest that much then you shouldn’t do it.

    Best wishes.. and hope your financial situation gets better this year. 🙂

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. Ruth - Web Career Girl

    I agree with the comment above about you being a great writer – but I know from experience how writing for clients can be a lot different to writing for pleasure! Well done for making that decision and good luck in 2010!

  3. ebele

    Aww, thanks for the compliment, Ruth 🙂 (you too, TriNi)

    Ruth, yep, no more freelance writing for me this year. Just need to let my one remaining client know. He’s a sweetheart – best client I’ve had online – partly made my decision difficult.

    All the very best to you too in 2010. You made lots of progress last year – wishing you buckets more this year.

    Take care…

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