Hello, Article. I Don’t Like You. You Don’t Like Me. But We’re Gonna Have to Learn to Get Along…

When I have an article to write, I’ll think about how much I’m not looking forward to writing it. The more I think about it, the more the ‘not looking forward to it’ turns into ‘reeeally not looking forward to it’.

Eventually, that feeling turns to utter dread and becomes bigger than it actually is. In the meantime, I’m not writing anything, I’ll look for distractions, time ticks by, my deadline looms and I end up feeding the very scenario I’m dreading. I become my own conspirator.

When I do finally sit down to write, it’s with the added self-created pressure of a last-minute deadline or a missed one.

Then the disappointment comes. Thick. Fast. Scathing.

Yesterday, I tried something different. I have two articles to finish by Monday. Before I went to bed, I grabbed a black marker and wrote a list of what I wanted to achieve today.   Soon as I got up, I switched on my computer and started writing. I wrote the article in halves. / I’m easily distracted, so for the first half, I forced myself not to check any emails, sites or blogs until that section had been written. Then I took a break, checked my emails, etc. for an hour or so and then started on the other half.

I’ve now finished the article; a personal triumph as it was so much more than just the writing for me.



  1. Dean Saliba

    I can understand what you were saying at the beginning of the post. I enjoy writing (I actually wanted to be a journalist as a kid) but when I have articles, or a post, to write I use any old excuse to not do it and then normally end up rushing it at the 11th hour.

    Nice tip on how you got that article finished. I think I’ll have to nick that off you. 😛

  2. TriNi

    Aw hun, I feel what you’re saying! I’m such a procrastinator myself.. and especially with writing. I love to write when it’s just for fun but the minute I’m getting paid to do it, it becomes a chore and I get writer’s block.

    But like you, I’ve found with my online stuff, since it’s been getting more and more hectic, that a to do list, has been helping me as well.. so I usually have a little scrap paper on my desk and whenever I remember things I have to post about here, or do elsewhere, I write it down quickly and the next day.. it feels good to do it and physically cross it out the list. 🙂

    Hope you stick to your new routine!

    Keep up the great work.. love reading your posts as always.

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  3. ebele

    Hi TriNi 🙂

    We humans are beautiful, but complex, aren’t we? I’m so pina-colada when writing for myself – but when it comes to writing for someone else, I get uncomfortable. It could be the most casual of articles too – doesn’t matter.

    You have a to-do list too?! Cool! Yes, it does feel nice drawing a line through each one you complete. One thing done, one less to do.

    I’m just gonna take each day at a time…

    Thanks for dropping by. I always appreciate your comments.

    Take care…

  4. ebele

    Hi Dean 🙂

    Your childhood interest shows as I think you’re a really good writer. I like reading your posts.

    There’s no tip to nick. It’s yours.

    Take care…

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