Happy New Yeeee-haaaaaa Year! + December 2010 Earnings + Total 2010 Earnings…

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Happy New Year, people! Didn’t 2010 fly by? Now 2011’s here, I wonder what it’s hiding behind its back?

Whatever you do decide to do in 2011, people, grab the year by the frikkin balls and make things happen. Turn it upside down and let your dreams shake out its pockets.

This year, for me, is all about TAKING ACTION and CONQUERING FEARS. Life is shy; I need to stop waiting around for it to make the first move.

Anyhoo…my earnings for December…

I didn’t make as much money online in December as I made in November. I’m fine with that as I really just went with the flow and wasn’t particularly attached to the outcome.

I made $191.70.

As has been the case over the past four months, CloudCrowd was my biggest earner, followed by other bits and pieces of earnings from other sources.

(any figures in pounds means it’s how I was initially paid.)

CloudCrowd: $128.83 (read my CloudCrowd review)

– Surveys: $16.84 (£10.83) (Crowdology UK – $8.31 (£5.33), Pinecone Research UK – $4.64 (£3.00), MySurvey UK – $3.89 (£2.50))

Freelancer.com: $13.62 (earned from their affiliate program)

– Proofreading: $12.26

Kooday: $11.67 (make money by buying & selling keywords. Requires a minimum $5 investment.)

Swagbucks: $5.00 (paid to search, do polls, surveys, etc. To find out more about Swagbucks, read review)

Neobux: $2.98 (paid-to-click site)

QuickRewards Network: $0.50 (a GPT site – read review)

Dec Total — $191.70

Total 2010 Earnings: breakdown…

– Freelance writing: $766.64

CloudCrowd: $657.65

– Data research: $296.41

– Online surveys: $233.32 (Hi e-panel, Pinecone Research UK, MyVoice, MySurvey UK, Consumer Intelligence, Panelbase, LightSpeed Panel, GfK, Crowdology UK)

Triviala.com: $116.18

– Proofreading: $115.93

ebay UK: $71.34

– Advertising: $67.32

Swagbucks: $60.00

– Forum posting: $52.29 (mylot, techdoctordeals, private client)

Amazon UK: $45.52

Kooday: $35.59

– Blog commenting: $33.76

ToneADay: $33.13

Mutualpoints: $30.72

– Affiliate programs: $30.50 (freelancer.com, lucky pacific)

GetaSlogan.com: $23.62

– PTCs: $16.88 (neobux, clixsense)

– GPTs: $14.87 (cashle, quickrewards network, dollarclickorsignup)

– Misc. earnings: $10.00

2010 Total — $2,711.67

Anyway, that’s me done for 2010. Roll on, 2011!

ebele – over and out.


  1. avatarlady

    Happy 2011! I’m glad you’re still on blogger. Btw, thanks for the visit to my blog. I second your comment regarding SWOM.

    Let’s hope for the best this year. We’ll make more money. Be positive. =)

  2. ebele

    Hi avatarlady 🙂

    Happy 2011 to you too!

    Part of my plan this year is to move this blog to WordPress. Feels like moving home. Just have to summon up the courage and the energy to do it.

    Yeah, SWOM…is what it is. I might revisit it to see how I can utilise it as a free member, but I don’t plan on making an investment.

    I hope we both achieve our dreams this year, making money online and otherwise.

    You take care now…

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