Gurl, are you taking yourself seriously? Like REALLY seriously?

(img by: pepewk)

The answer’s…erm… no…I don’t think I’ve been taking this whole online freelance-writing thing all too serious.

I don’t mean in terms of professionalism, no, but in terms of shifting gears and upping the ante.

I guess there’s a part of me that thinks: if I don’t take it too too seriously, then if I fall flat on my face, it won’t feel as bad ‘cos…well, I knew my success-rate was only gonna hit average anyway.

Not taking it seriously is an excuse not to succeed in it – it gives me room to manoeuvre an explanation into and around it.

It’s a ‘self-protection’ mechanism that I doubt is serving me well.

Things are starting to change, though…

I call these changes ‘kinks’ – an isolated moment in time when a lesson that’s been sashaying its way past you, trying every which way to get your damn attention for however long, is suddenly realised.

And the kink was…

The realisation that getting paid to write can make all the difference between paying my rent…and not. That’s what I learnt this month after worrying about how I was gonna make the rent. It’s my freelance-writing income that’s saved my ass this month.

I’ve only ever thought of this online income thing as supplemental at the most (and a complete waste of time at worse). But the recent kink’s starting to make me look at things a bit differently. It’s made me think that maybe I can do it, maybe in time I can use my writing to support myself online to a greater extent than I thought I could.

A lightbulb’s gone off in my head, ya’ll …or maybe it’s been there all along, except one layer’s recently come off, revealing a glimpse of what I could possibly achieve.

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