Guess What I Got In The Post The Other Day :-)

…a little cute bottle of Baileys Irish Cream! Coffee flavour.

I’ve only ever tried the coffee once… in the duty-free section at Heathrow; samples were being offered in lil cups when the new flavours first came out. I tried all three: Caramel, Mint and Coffee. Can’t say they really floated my boat as I was so used to the original, but it’s not as if they had to force me to try them though! – I was VERY willing to be a guinea pig!

I love Baileys. Always have. It’s my favourite tipple. Come Xmas, I go all delirious with it. Me and my sister.

The coffee’s not my favourite, but I’m gonna enjoy it nonetheless. No ice. Just neat. I like to really taste it, swish it slowly round my mouth, savour it.

I found out about the Baileys freebie…

…via a freebie site I’m subscribed to: I get regular email updates on various freebies out there. So far, I’ve gotten a few things: BodyForm products, SIM cards, and now the Baileys sample.

Hmmm, you know what?

I think I’m gonna start paying attention to getting hold of free stuff out there. I mean, it’s not literal cash, but it could save me money. Saving money can be just as good as earning it. I could also sell some of them too, I guess.

Something to think about.

Have a great week, y’all. Glitter it!



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