Goodbye Neobux. Hello Clixsense.

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I’m not really a PTC (paid-to-click) person, but I’ve been snooping around one or two PTCs of late. Just curious – call it a little side hobby – not really looking to make huge amounts of money from it. I’d be ‘duh’ to expect that when I very well know I can make a whole lot more a lot faster.

I joined Neobux about 2 months ago with the intention of just trying it out for a month (pays up to 2 cents per ad viewed – I mostly got 1 cent clicks with the odd 1.5 cent ad thrown in now and again).

I stayed a bit longer than I intended – 55 days, to be precise, which is a big achievement where I’m concerned. I jumped ship after that – boredom had me gooooood.

I did make a bit of profit though. I invested $5 (to buy & recycle referrals) and got back $6.63. It was actually $6.76 but Neobux skimmed off $0.13 for the privilege of requesting a payment. Good thing, though, was once I requested my money, the payment was in my Paypal account before I could blink.

Now I’m engaged to Clixsense, another PTC!

Again, curiosity.

Clixsense mostly pays 1-2 cents per viewed ad. Apparently, you can sometimes get ads that pay more than 1-2 cents per view, but I’m yet to see any of those though.

I actually joined Clixsense back in May but did nothing with it. Reactivated my account a few weeks ago though.

I Upgraded…

I decided to upgrade my Clixsense account to premium membership as I wanted access to more ads. As a standard member, I was only getting an average of six 1-cent ads to click on a day, sometimes just two a day. The upgrade costs $10 for the year. Upside: I get to view more ads. Yay!   Downside: I was hoping I could pay for it using my Paypal account. But, nope – they don’t accept payments via Paypal. Had to use my debit card. Booooo. Not too too much of a problem – just that I would have preferred to have sourced the upgrade using the money I’d made online.

How Many Ads?

As a standard member, the most ads I got in any one day were 9 and the least was 1. With an upgrade (to premium membership), there are about 500 potential ads to view at once. The amount you can ACTUALLY view boils down to your location. I’m in the UK, so I got about 270 ads when I upgraded. Most of them are worth a cent each (though I’ve come across a couple of 2 cent ones). Time will tell if I see anything higher.

I’m working my way through the ads fairly quickly as I’m curious to find out how many ads I can view after that.

Minimum Payout…

Minimum payout’s $10 which is sent out by cheque. No payments via Paypal. Just cheque. I’m used to receiving a few cheques from outside the UK. That’s how GlobalTestMarket paid me, and ACOP too. Just takes a while, that’s all.

There’s also a processing fee of $3.00. How the hell does it take someone $3.00 to send out a cheque? Am I gonna get a gold-rimmed cheque flown over by an organically-fed Olympic-trained pigeon? Is that what the $3 covers? ‘Cos I could easily settle for an emaciated turtle on crutches if it’d be cheaper.

How Much I’ve Made…

So far, I’ve made $2.10. You can set the minimum payout above $10.00 which is what I plan to do. I’d rather get charged $3.00 on, say, a $30.00 cheque than on a $10 cheque.

Will keep y’all posted on my progress.

Weekend. Good. Have it.



  1. Make Money Online Free

    Hey thanks for stopping by hun 🙂

    I hope you have better success with Clixsense than I did. I also upgraded and the only reason I’m still clicking there is because I want my money back lol so I’m determined to reach payout at least once.

    It could be that I’ve never promoted it on my blog so my success there strictly depends on my clicking.. and since I’m not a great clicker and I forget to log in alot.. it’s been taking me a VERY long time to reach that $10. I’m currently at 9.smt.. a little more to go.

    But yes.. I really hate PTC sites.. I just want my 10 bucks back lol. Keep us posted on your success .. 🙂


  2. ebele

    You’re welcome. I’m one of your fans 🙂

    Thanks for the luck. We’ll see how Clixsense goes. Since membership’s for a year, if I can make a profit on my $10 investment, then it’s all good.

    Hope you reach your payout soon, hun.

    Take care and have a lovely week.

  3. Ajith Edassery

    PTC is something I tried sometime ago with TakeTheGlobe. It wasn’t that interesting experience but definitely something one could do on a bored night with a couple of beer. But one or two hours may not compensate for the cost of beer?

  4. ebele

    Hi Ajith,

    I’m so crap, aren’t I? I haven’t been by your blog in ages. Will do so once I’ve replied to you.

    If you have a couple bottles of invisible beer, a PTC could sooo be worth it 😉

    take care…

  5. ebele

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Like Clixsense, people either like Neobux or they don’t. I prefer Clixsense.

    I’m definitely giving thought to using my earnings for advertising. I might request the minimum when the time comes, then use the rest for advertising. We’ll see.

    Have a great November.

  6. Anonymous

    I upgraded my account not to long ago at first I received about 400 ads. Then like you I was curious how many ads a day I would get, not 400, not even 50. If you ask them why, they will tell you it depends on when you log in. You actually have to compete with other members as to who sees the most or highest paying ads. But if you’re experience is different great if not told ya so

  7. ebele

    Hello Anon,

    I don’t really use Clixsense that much these days. However, I think I recall that once I got through the 200 or so ads, there were nowhere near as many afterwards. There were a couple of times, though, when I’d get quite a lot (about 3-5 pages worth).

    When my upgrade comes up for renewal, I won’t be renewing, not because it’s a crap site – just that I lost interest in it some time ago and only visit from time to time.

    I know one or two people who it’s working tremendously for, though, ‘cos they’re stars at referral marketing.

    Thanks for passing by.

    Take care…

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