GlobalTestMarket: Tantalizingly Close to Reaching Payout…

img credit: Irargerich

GlobalTestMarket ain’t testing the market, it’s testing my frikkin patience. I’m sooo close to reaching payout, I can almost smell the cheque. (p.s.: GlobalTestMarket’s a survey site. More info? Read here).

Minimum payout is 1000 points – equivalent to $50 – and I’m at 975. (her eyes grow bigger as she rubs her hands with glee, grows a beard and becomes Fagin in Oliver Twist).

The other time I reached payout with GlobalTestMarket was back in September, so it’s basically taken me about 9 months to reach 2nd payout.

Is it worth it? For me, no, it isn’t. Not anymore, anyway. It used to be, but the thought of having to wait another 8-9 months no longer appeals.

So, once I’ve got my cheque, I’m gone.

Don’t get me wrong. If anyone ever asked me which survey sites I’d recommend, GlobalTestMarket would still be on the list as it’s one of the better ones out there. However, as always, I’d tell it like it is.

Did someone say it’s Wednesday? Bloody hell, where did the days go?


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