GlobalTestMarket: Review…

(May 2017 – please bear in mind that this review was written in 2008. Some things, I suspect, have changed with GlobalTestMarket, so please do your own research before deciding to join. One thing I do know is that they now pay via PayPal and the minimum payout is now lower.)

(it’s been a while since I’ve written a review, so here goes… and a one, a two, a one, two, three, four…)

In a nutshell, is a program that pays you to complete online surveys.

As far as I know, the program is open to most countries including: UKUS, Australia and Singapore.


Now I don’t have the foggiest clue when I joined it, but it feels like quite a while (like before Brad and Angelina were a sopple – no misspelling – ‘sopple’ means ‘soppy couple’. I’ve been going through an ‘invent a ridiculous word’ phase recently. Another word invented by yours truly: tinyminutinisationism. The art of tiny.)


For every survey you attempt to complete, you get a certain number of ‘marketpoints’. I say ‘a certain’ because they really can vary. Sometimes, I get invited to a survey that can earn me b/w 5-35 points. Sometimes, it’s b/w 5-50 (and even higher, but never lower than 5. 5 is the absolute minimum). (UPDATE – JAN ’10: Marketpoints seem to have decreased to 30-35 points max per survey.)


5 cents.


If you try to complete a survey and you don’t qualify, you’ll get rewarded 5 marketpoints (worth 25 cents) each time, (UPDATE – JAN ’10: This no longer exists; instead, if you don’t qualify, you get a free entry to a prize draw.)


It depends on where you live. It also depends on the ‘profile surveys’ you complete (i.e., telling GlobalTestMarket more about yourself so that they can better determine your eligibility for certain surveys.)

I’m in the UK. I used to delete a lot of the surveys they used to send me ‘cos, to be honest, I couldn’t be bothered. I also had a job in the offline world that paid well. When I started taking the program a bit more seriously and actually attempted most of the surveys I received, they seemed to send more. I also noticed that when I surpassed the halfway mark, I’d start getting about 2-3 surveys a day, almost as if they were willing me to reach payout.


Once you’ve accumulated 1000 points. You can then exchange it for a cheque worth $50. The cheque will be sent in your local currency. However, if you live in the following countries: Lithuania, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine …it’ll be sent in US dollars.


– it might have a high payout threshold, but it does mean you get a bigger chunk once you reach it

– the surveys are far from boring. I’ve been sent a couple of films and videos to survey which have been cool.


– it can take a while to reach payout.

– it can take anywhere b/w 4-6 weeks for the cheque to arrive if you live in the US, and 6-8 weeks if you’re outside the US.

– it would be great if they could pay via Paypal.


– do make sure your name in their ‘Account Details’ section is the same as you’d like it to appear on your cheque.

– as tedious as it may seem, try and complete all profile surveys as it might increase the number of surveys you get. I found that it didn’t make a difference for me as I’d only ever completed 3 and I still reached payout. However, there’s no harm in completing all of them.

VERDICT’IONARY (here she goes again with the word playing. Arrest her, officer. This instant. Handcuff her. Spank her. Feed her ice cream. Til she begs for a chocolatexorcism.)

I’ve read mixed revireviewreviewews about GlobalTestMarket. Some complained they hardly ever received surveys (or qualified for them), while others said the company had given excuse after excuse when they’d reached payout (and subsequently didn’t pay up).

I’ve reached payout, so we’ll see.


If you do join, do come back and let me know how it’s going for you.

Big Mama has left the building…

Miss Eb.



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    1. curiousman

      It looks like they have a referral system. Do you know how much they pay per referral? I’m not a big fan of surveys but if a survey site has an attractive referral program, I’m likely to join.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Keep posting. I love your writing style! am learning from you.

    2. 2ThePoint

      Hi curiousman!

      Thanks for passing through.

      They have a referral system AND an affiliate program. I must add that info to my review. The referral system pays 20 points per person you refer. I think the fee might vary for the affiliate program. I applied for it but wasn’t accepted. Not sure what criteria they use.

      Will pass by your blog again.

      (p.s. when putting your url address whenever you comment, start from http: or else it won’t link to your site)

      take care…

    3. 2ThePoint

      Hi Ajith!

      I’m yet to receive a survey from Survey Savvy. Admittedly, I haven’t filled in all the portraits required, but I have done some, so I thought I’d get one or two by now, but no.

      I’m having better luck with GlobalTestMarket (fingers crossed) maybe ‘cos of my geographical location, I don’t know.

      When I do have the time, I’ll have a sit down and fill in all the portraits on Survey Savvy, then see what happens.

      take care!

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