Gift Hunter Club (GPT Site): Review…

gift-hunter-clubGift Hunter Club is not that different from many GPTs, but what I do like it for is its simplicity. You earn by completing offers/tasks, watching videos and completing surveys. That’s it.

One of the other things I like about the site is its design. It’s bright, uncluttered and has cool graphics. I just find it makes using the site easier.


Who’s Gift Hunter Club open to?

According to their FAQ, anyone can join. (must be over 14 yrs old though)


Date I joined…

2nd Feb 2013


Joining’s quick and easy...

Took me a couple of minutes.


Sign-up bonus…

You either receive 10 points or 100 points when you join. Depends on where you’re based. If you’re in the UK, US, Canada or Australia, you get 100 points. Other countries: 10 points.

(Update: 15/7/13 – I’m not sure the 100-point bonus is being offered anymore.)


Minimum points needed to cash out..



240 points gets you…

$2.00 via Paypal or Payza.


Other things you can request…

Amazon vouchers and game cards. You need more points for those though.


How long payment takes…

1-3 working days. However, on the occasions I requested mine, I received them the next day.


How much I’ve made…

$10.00 so far. (cashed out $2.00 on 6th, 9th, 12th, 14th and 16th Feb)

I wanna see your payment proof, lady…

Erm, no.

No? Why?

Because my imaginary friend doesn’t like your imaginary friend. That’s why.

Oh go on, pweeeeeese…

OK, OK. First you must cross your eyes.

OK. I’ve crossed them.

Then you must cross your ears.

What? My ears?


OK. I’ve crossed them.

No you haven’t.

OK, I really have crossed them now.

Good. Here’s my payment proof (click image to view larger version). (Update – 2nd Feb 2014: I’ve made over $80 since I joined. Can’t share all proofs or else we’ll be here all day! These are the first five I received.)

rec'd feb 6th
rec’d feb 6th 2013
rec'd feb 9th 2013
rec’d feb 9th 2013
rec'd feb 12th 2013
rec’d feb 12th 2013
rec'd feb 14th 2013
rec’d feb 14th 2013
rec'd feb 16th 2013
rec’d feb 16th 2013


Other things about Gift Hunter Club…

– When you’re in the Earn Points section, there’s a pink strip with text across it that tells you how many points are left before you can redeem. I find it useful.

– The entire site can be used in English, Spanish, French or Polish.

– You might find some bits of text are in Spanish even when you’re in the English version of the site. Though I don’t know a word of Spanish, I seem to understand those words. E.g., Referidos likely means Referrals. It would be good for the site to make the English site entirely English though.

– Gift Hunter Club’s on Facebook and Twitter.


So Far, So Good…

Most of the things I do at Gift Hunter Club are Crowdflower tasks, watching videos and doing the odd survey now and then. However, Crowdflower tasks make up the bulk of it.

I was kinda going off Survey Mad, even with its really low minimum payout (7 cents) and instant payments, so Gift Hunter Club will make for a nice replacement. Its minimum payout isn’t as low as Survey Mad’s, but it’s not as high as Swagbucks’s ($5.00), so I find it to be a happy medium between the two.

Gift Hunter Club‘s only been around since Jul 2012 (I have farts older than that! hehe!), so time will tell which way the site’s definitely headed. Some sites come and go. Some show promise, then erm, don’t. However, I’m really liking the site in the short time I’ve been using it.



  1. Sharon Lopez

    Hi Ebele!

    I am Sharon from Philippines having aries1973 as my online name and I was quite impressed by the way you presented your thoughts in your articles. I would like to join this Gift Hunter Club and I wish I would be allowed to join as this is the first time I came across this site. I don’t know if members from Philippines are welcome. I will try though. Have a great day!

  2. ebele

    Hi Sharon 🙂

    Thanks for passing through and leaving a comment.

    As far as I’m aware, anyone can join Gift Hunter Club. Let me know how it goes for you.

    Take care…

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