Get Paid to Blog About Chocolate, Ice Cream, Sex…

delicious pic by: darwin bell

Following on from a previous post where I was moaning about paid posts not being interesting enough:

“Credit cards, casinos, forex, yawn. Why can’t we get paid to write about chocolate, ice cream, sex?”

I thought: well, why not make it true for someone?

Who, me?

Yes, you.

So, yep! Blog about chocolate, ice-cream or sex (or all 3 if you want) on your site and you could get $10 in ya Paypal account deposited by the great blogolicious buddha mama herself – ME!


1) I can only afford to pay one person, y’all (via Paypal)

2) The winner will be chosen (at random) on 30th April at midnight (GMT)

3) You can write as much as you want or as little as 100 words

4) It’s gotta be about chocolate, ice cream or sex (or all 3)

5) a link back to my site or this blog post would be great, but you don’t have to, ok?

6) When you’ve written your post, leave a comment here – that will count as your entry

7) It’s ok if you have more than one blog and want to write on each one. The only thing, though, is that each post must be different.

Relax, think, write. But most of all, have fun! 🙂



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