Free Tea? For Moi? Aww, You Shouldn’t Have (Blush Blush)…

Got two free bags of tea in the post the other day courtesy of Twinings. Think I found out about this offer via or some other freebie site. Anyway, there were a range of flavours to choose from and OF COURSE I chose the Strawberry & MANGO! Like, my name wouldn’t be Ebele if I didn’t pick the one with mango in it. Other flavour I picked: Green tea with Apple and Pear. Sipped that the night before last. Green tea ain’t usually my thing, but this was fragrant and tasted quite nice with a teaspoon of honey.

Will do tongues with the Strawberry & Mango soon. Probably tonight.

Oh and a ’20p off’ voucher was also enclosed in case I have the urge to skip out my front door to go buy some.

Great thing about freebies is that I usually forget I requested them. When they eventually arrive, it’s a pleasant surprise, kinda like a lil gift.




  1. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Nne, I’m back oh! How far. How preparations for easter abi like me you don’t care much for festivities?

    Ain’t nothing like unexpected freebies. That was one of the things I enjoyed while on vacation in London. Being idle most of the time, I just kept filling freebie offers and receiving them in less than a week most times ;).

  2. ebele


    Welcome back. Nno.

    Easter’s almost like another day for me (‘xcept for the chocolate theme and transport winding down somewhat). Will probably go and chill at my sister’s.

    My freebies tend to take longer than a week which is why I kinda forget all about them ’til they arrive. It’s cool that you got yours in a week though.

    The tea was cool. I ended up giving the mango and strawberry to my friend who needed it more than me at the time.

    Will pass by your blog soon.

    Take care…

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