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One of my plans this month was to do some forum posting. Used to do it before, but stopped because well, it wasn’t exactly something I was excited to get out of bed for, neither am I now.

But it’s something I seem to want to revisit for a short while, for a couple of months or perhaps less than that if the feeling takes me, which it’s likely to do.

I wanna go back to the company, Paid Forum Posting (PFP). I don’t know if I still have an account there as the last time I did anything there was January. Will check. (read my Paid Forum Posting review)

I also wanna try Postloop out. Have heard lots about it for a good good while, but wasn’t interested in joining as PFP pays better. But now, I’m kinda curious to try it out, plus even though Postloop offers a lower rate, there doesn’t seem to be a limit on when to make posts. With PFP, you have to spread the posts over a considerable period of time.

So let’s see how it goes. Will try those two ’til the end of this month and see how I feel.

Miss Eb.


  1. polybus

    I use Postloop from time to time. It is a good site and you do not have to spread your posts out (but apparently you get more points if you do). I don’t do forum posting too much because I get pretty tired of it, but I would recommend Postloop.

    Good luck!

    • miss eb.

      Hi there…

      Thanks for passing by.

      I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with Postloop. I still haven’t joined it yet; my enthusiasm to do so has kinda waned. I did go back to PFP though – that’s going well – easing myself back into it.

      Thanks for the luck :-).

      take care…

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