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February’s been a challenge of sorts. Offline, things aren’t looking too pretty. The £500 cheque I waited over 2 months for finally arrived, but disappeared almost as soon as I cashed it. I also decided to step off the school project. Very personal reason. Nothing to do with the project at all. However, it does mean I’m one part-time income down.

Online was different though. I saw an improvement on what I made in January.   In January, I made $174.16 online.  February, I made around double that at $349.15. Not bad but I could do with making more this month.


1) Freelance Writing…….$302.56

– blog writing – $288.30 (private client)
forum posting – $14.26 (myLot – $11.13; PeazyShop – $3.13/£2.20)

2) Paid Surveys…….$46.47 (originally paid in £GBP)

MyVoice – $28.66 (£20)
Pinecone Research – $8.54 (£6)
MySurvey UK – $7.10 (£5)
LightSpeedPanel – $1.46 (£1)
– Other – $0.71 (£0.50)

3) Misc…….$0.12

Pickjack – $0.12

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(MyVoice & MySurvey pay with vouchers. MyVoice post out theirs – I don’t have a camera so can’t take a pic of it. MySurvey email theirs. Proof below.)

Have a great March, people.

Over and out…



  1. petruza

    Hi fart girl! I enjoyed reading your blog.
    It seems you made a decent income from writing, something I cannot do for a living ‘cos me english it ain’t so good, but the other gigs, like clicking ads and doing surveys, seem to pay less for your time than what you could earn maybe building origami and selling it, or something.
    Do you think so?
    Maybe the key for earning money online is doing as you do, bulk work in many sites, and then it pays off.
    Do you have a ranking of the best online gigs?

    Anyway, great blog!

    ( am I gonna be paid for this comment? I can send you my paypal id by email. I accept pounds. )

  2. Ajith Edassery | Blog for Money

    Great month huh? Hope it was a nice experience after job blues…

    Btw, I have a question on the rates trend. How are the rates for online writing or surveys getting affected by the recession. I know that my ads eCPM rates are slowly coming down and so is the fill rates on private ads. Is there a slowdown of some kind in online writing as well?

  3. 2ThePoint

    Hi lizelement,


    I think Pinecone Research is global as they have a .com as well as .co.uk site. I’m with .co.uk one.

    It’s generally a bit tricky joining Pinecone Research as they tend not to have a direct joining-up link on their site. They usually recruit through banner ads on other websites. It was only recently that they emailed joining-up links to existing members to help promote the site. However, I’m not sure if they also sent links to .com members. You could do a search on Google to see if it throws up anything.

    For MyVoice, it mentions in their Help section that if you don’t live in the UK, you can still join, but you won’t gain as many points because 80% of their research is currently UK only.

    take care…

  4. 2ThePoint

    Hi petruza 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by.

    In my view, sometimes surveys can pay quite well. I’ve earned over $100 from surveys this year. I pick really good sites and don’t spend too much time on them – about 1 hour a day – not even everyday at times.

    The key to making money online is to find what works for you.

    I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you what the best online gigs are. Like I mentioned, different ways work for different people. But I can tell you one way that’s definitely worked online for me – and that’s freelance writing.

    Are you gonna get paid for your comment? I’m assuming you’re joking, right?

    take care and thanks again for passing by.

  5. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith,

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s been a great month, but it’s definitely been an improvement on January.

    Hmmm…I have noticed one or two survey sites are offering less money, adding more time to the length of a survey or sending them out less often. But overall, things are fine. I’m earning more from surveys than I ever did, probably because I’ve joined a few more survey sites and because I finally reached payout on a couple.

    In terms of rates for online writing, my client cut my rate slightly as he was offering me more work so I don’t think that was particularly down to the recession. I did notice on the DP forums and GetaFreelancer that rates on there appear to be getting even lower. However, I’ve still come across several online writing gigs advertised on other sites that offer really good rates of pay.

    take care…

  6. Sidzler

    Surely you had a great time, isn’t it? I am surprised to see your MyLot earnings of about 11$. I mean they would have had taken tons of your time, isn’t it? According to me, MyLot is great for gathering informations and stuff like that, but worse for earning money !

    Anyways, enjoy your money !!! And dont forget to give yourself a treat for earning this much ! 🙂

  7. 2ThePoint


    Thank you for your comment. Because I have mountains of bills falling round my ears, I haven’t given myself the space to appreciate what I’ve achieved online this month. It’s not my highest-earning month, but it’s not my lowest either and I guess I have to be grateful that I’m earning anything online at all.

    Now, to myLot: It took me quite a while to get that amount as I have an on-off relationship with it in terms of consistency and involvement. I do enjoy taking part in the discussions and it does drive a bit of traffic to my blog. However, as a money-earner, it’s not at the top of my list and isn’t really my main focus. Saying that though, I do find that posting discussions that attract a lot of responses do accelerate earnings on there somewhat.

    Thanks again for your comment.

    take care…

  8. jen brister

    I was wondering if you had looked into working for ChaCha – I do expediting there when I have a few moments to spare. It’s pretty interesting work. ; )

  9. 2ThePoint

    Hi Jen!

    Hmm…I’ve heard about ChaCha, but for some reason, I wasn’t particularly enthused about it. Will check it out again though.

    Thanks for suggesting it.

    take care…

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