Exploring the Sponsored Post Route…

So now my blog’s on its own domain and hosting, I’m taking a look at sites that pay for blog post reviews (also known as sponsored posts or paid reviews).

It’s something I dabbled in when I was new to making money online, but I didn’t stick with it for long.

Dean from MakeMoneyLessons.com is partly my inspiration for wanting to give it a go. He makes really good money from it; made over $600 from it last month. Admittedly, I don’t expect to make as much – for one, my page rank is only a 1 – but I have to start somewhere.

So I’m going through his list of sites that sponsor blog posts and seeing which ones to join.

One of the sites I looked at and have joined is LinkFromBlog. Minimum payout’s $50 which is a bit steep, I feel; but hopefully, there’ll be a fair amount of opportunities for my blog. We’ll see.

I don’t know when the minimum’s paid once it’s reached, so I’m assuming it’s monthly. Will look into it later to find out for sure and update this post when I do.

Anyway, wish me luck.


Sponsored reviews



  1. Young Work at Home Moms

    I have done some sponsored posts before. You can make a decent amount of money doing so. My biggest month last year was $205. If you need some references where you can start quick send me an email and I will be happy to share.

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