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toneaday(UPDATE – JAN 22ND 2011: ToneADay has changed its payment structure. It now only pays its top raters. Read my post Toneaday Changes for more info.)

I heard about ToneADay quite recently. I read mixed reviews about it – was sceptical but very curious, so I joined.

It’s an unusual site. Owned by a company called Lymbix.

How it Works…

You’re given a random word (or words) and, using slides, you have to choose how the word makes you feel. For each word you rate on, your account is credited with 2 cents. That’s it in a nutshell, really, as I understand it so far.

100 words or so…

You’re given around 100 words to start with (mine was 96).

For each word, you’re asked how you feel about it. You choose however you feel about the word from a list (as below):

– Affection/Friendliness
– Enjoyment/Elation
– Amusement/Excitement
– Contentment/Gratitude
– Sadness/Grief
– Anger/Loathing
– Fear/Uneasiness
– Humiliation/Shame

So, for example, and this is just an example, if the word ‘toothpick’ appears, you have to choose how that word makes you feel. Does it make you feel affection, contentment, anger, fear or nothing at all?

Here’s a screenshot:

toneaday - screenshot

There’s a slide (a face) under each emotion. For any emotion you choose, you use the slide to indicate the level of your emotion. So, if the word toothpick makes you feel anger, you use the slide to indicate how angry it makes you feel. If it makes you feel anger AND fear, you use the corresponding slides for both.

Accessing the emotions & slides…

You have 3 options when you’re given a word/words. You can either rate it, skip it all together or deem it as unrateable. If you choose to rate a word, choose the ‘Rate This Phrase’ Button. It will then give you access to the emotions/slides.

How long did it take me?

It didn’t take too long for me to get through the batch of 96 words. I wasn’t clock watching, but it didn’t feel longer than 30-35mins at the most. It was interesting to find out how I felt about certain words.

So I rated the 100 or so words. Then what?

I requested payment ($2.00). First though, 10% of it was held as a charitable donation. I don’t mind – think it’s cool. There were two charities to choose from. You can also adjust the donation up if you want. I changed mine to 21 cents as I have a luck thing about the number 7 (21’s divisible by 7). Don’t ask. It’s just a thing I do.

The remainder ($1.79) I requested via Paypal and got it instantly. No fees. Payment proof below:

toneaday - proof of payment

UPDATE – 11th Aug: From what I’ve been reading on myLot, it seems payment is no longer made soon after you request it; it’s now made after it’s been reviewed and can take up to a week. I quote below:

“We’ve been notified of your checkout request, however to protect against fraud (no one likes spammy data) we need to verify your contributions. Once your request is approved you will be able to redeem your earnings.

Due to the high volume of user data being processed, it may take up to a week before your checkout request is approved. Please be patient as we work to improve our process.”

Payout Thresholds…

There used to be five payout levels. There are now two. One is the $2 payout at the Qualifying level; kinda like a taster, a token payment so-to-speak.

You then go on to the next level where you can rate much more (up to 500 ratings a day // Sometimes there are no words to rate at all and you have to refresh the page after a few minutes or just come back later. There have been times when it’s seemed like days before words have become available and when they have, it’s been nowhere near the 500-word quota. However, there’s definitely been a marked improvement this month (Oct)).

When are Payments Made?

Once a month. Via Paypal. I’m not sure if the same rule applies at the qualifying level.

Tips for Ya…

– Take your time, concentrate on each word. You’ll enjoy it more and are less likely to notice how many you’ve gone through.

– Break the ratings up into manageable chunks over a period of time. It also stops monotony from sinking in.

– ToneADay has a support forum. Read it. Use it (if need be).

– They’re also on Facebook.

Inevitably, there’ll be those who’ll try and buck the system by going on a hyper-clicking frenzy without paying much attention to the words. I say good luck to them.

I plan on using ToneADay as something to do when my mind needs a breather. I’m finding it interesting at the moment. But, knowing me, I’m likely to tire of it sooner or later.

UPDATE – 22nd Jan ’11:

Toneaday has reopened its doors. However, it’s now only paying its top raters. More info – read my post: Toneaday Changes.

UPDATE – November ’10:

You now have to sit (and pass) an English competency test to continue rating at ToneADay. The test is set for 10 minutes. Very important: do not leave the test window while taking the test. If you do, you have to start the test afresh. You’re given three chances to retest if you leave the test window or mistakenly refresh it. However, once you’ve completed the test, that’s it, you don’t get another go.

I took the test and found it relatively easy. Took me about 3 minutes. However, I appreciate that everyone’s at different levels.

Tip: Read the words out to yourself if need be. Sometimes, your voice can catch what your eyes miss.

UPDATE – October ’10:

ToneADay is currently not accepting new members. However, they do invite people to still register should positions become available in the future. Might be advisable to do so.

UPDATE – 31st Aug ’10:

It’s a bit of mess, y’all. There now seem to be as many people waiting for payment as there are those who’ve been paid. I don’t think the company reckoned on just how many people would join the site.

UPDATE – 14th Aug ’10:

Things seem to be moving now and people are starting to get paid. If you read through the following:

ToneADay (Lymbix) on Facebook

WAHM forum: (ToneADay) fun little job

…you’ll notice some people have been confirming they’ve received payment.

UPDATE – 11th Aug ’10: a few people have been waiting for their payment for a while, some for over a week, some pushing on 2 weeks.

Without anything official (like an FAQ) on the site to indicate just how long payments should take, and considering most people were paid at the initial level pretty quickly, people are naturally making the understandable assumption that the 2nd payment should follow a similar pattern. I think there needs to be something concrete on their site regarding payment turnaround times so everyone knows what’s what.

Have a good week/end, y’all…

Miss E to the mother-choclating B.


  1. TriNi

    Definitely sounds interesting but those higher payments can be tough to reach. :/ They should cut it down a bit to something a bit more attainable in not too long a period of time. After the $2 min, the rest should all be $10 in my opinion. :/

    But it’s not a horrible way to earn. Can actually be a bit fun like you said!

    Nice find!

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  2. ebele

    Yeah, the subsequent thresholds are quite high. To think the 2nd one used to be $50, not $30. But at least once you get past the $30 and $20, it’s easier and you don’t have to go through it again.

    I’ve read some people are having problems receiving subsq payments, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that as that’s throwing up a slight flag for me. The staff replies seem genuine though, so we’ll see.

    Apart from that, so far so good. I’m liking it.

  3. bcromlish

    Great post. We actually haven’t had anyone suggest strategies on how to have a better experience with ToneADay. Thanks for that.

    @Trini The payout is about building trust to a mutually beneficial relationship, but we are looking into improving the payment system constantly. Thanks for the suggestion!

    There was a gentleman who we invited to our office yesterday to personally hand him his over $4000 check!

    Bryan Cromlish
    Community Manager
    Lymbix Inc

  4. bcromlish

    @Ebele We are working on improving that limiting process while still making sure we get accurate data!

    Thanks for your trust, we are constantly working to make this product more awesome. Love the feedback

    Bryan Cromlish
    Community Manager
    Lymbix Inc

  5. ebele

    Hey Bryan,

    I’ll probably add a strategy or two as I go along. Maybe have some music in the background at times when I plan on doing a few hundred or so. But then it might influence how I feel when I look at a word, who knows? We’ll see.

    A $4000 cheque? Now that’s what I call focus. It would be interesting to perhaps have him share his story on your blog.

    Achieving a balance between genuine contributions and monetary reward can be tricky, which is why I don’t envy your position.

    It’s refreshing to come across something different and, like I mentioned in the post, I don’t usually think about how I feel about a word, so it’s been an interesting mini-experience in self discovery.

    Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.

    Take care…

  6. JerZGirl

    I tried signing up for ToneADay and got the following message afterwards: Thank you for registering to become a ToneADay contributor. We will contact you when a position becomes available in the program. They must limit how many people participate. But, it sounds interesting and I hope I am contacted.

  7. ebele

    Hey JerZGirl,

    I recently heard about that through one of the discussions on myLot.com, that new membership’s been put on hold. It’s meant to be somewhere on the ToneADay support forum. However, I would have preferred if that info was placed somewhere on the ToneADay homepage so that anyone looking to join is privy to it. That way, they can make an informed decision on whether to join or move on (and possibly come back later).

    ToneADay is an interesting little gig and I hope at some point, you become an active part of it.

    Take care now…

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