Does QuickRewards Network (Really) Pay?

Well that’s what I, decked out in my replica Sherlock Holmes outfit, went to find out.

I joined QuickRewards Network last Monday (Oct 5th). I’d read about the site on several blogs before but I assumed it was only open to US residents. However, I later found out that it’s open to US, UK and Canadian residents.

Excuse me, Ma’am, Ahem, You Haven’t Actually Told Me What QuickRewards Network is About…

If you’ve ever used or heard about CashCrate or TreasureTrooper, then you’re not too far off from knowing what QuickRewards Network is about. QR Network pays you for doing a number of things on their site such as visiting other websites, signing up to sites, doing paid surveys, printing coupons, answering trivia, etc. For doing that, you’re either rewarded:

– with cash

– or with points (quickpoints) which are then converted to cash. For every 100 quickpoints you earn, it’s automatically converted to a cent.

– and/or with token points which can be redeemed for prizes.

The big big difference with QuickRewards Network…

What I think the site reeeeally has going for it over several GPT sites is that there’s no minimum payout (Paypal only, though). Whether you’ve made a cent, a dollar or 10 dollars, you can request a Paypal payment at any time and it’s (apparently) usually with you within 12-48 hours. I say ‘apparently’ because as I’m new to the site, I can’t personally vouch for that until I’ve experienced it myself. Will keep you posted.

Instead of a Paypal payment, you can choose to request a gift certificate. There are a number of certificates you can use at a variety of places such as Amazon and eBay (minimum $5 required in your QR account), and Footlocker and Borders (min $25 req’d in your acc).

How’s the QR Network Going For Tiramisu’licious Me…

Well so far, I’ve made $0.94 and 526 token points. I achieved that by:

– subscribing to and receiving paid emails: Everyday I receive a handful of emails in my inbox with links to sites to visit (and browse or join). For visiting, I’m mostly rewarded with 25 quickpoints each time.

– completing the daily trivia (I log into Quick Rewards for this): I get 50 quickpoints for that when I answer it correctly. It’s usually a multiple-choice question that’s fairly easy to answer. If not, a quick Google check helps.

browsing the Daily Fun Clicks (I log into Quick Rewards for this): I only click on the ones I’m interested in (daily horoscope and daily recipes) and get a small reward every time I do.

I hardly complete offers as I only plan on signing up to sites I have an interest in. So far, I’ve only joined one site called (about green living). I got $0.40 for signing up to it thru Quick Rewards.

I’m yet to qualify for any surveys and I’ve tried a number of them. I’ve therefore come to the conclusion that I hardly ever will. That’s ok with me as there are other ways for me to earn.

Apart from the whole heap of surveys I don’t seem to qualify for, all of the above have been pretty painless (and quick) for me to do which is cool.

Tam, Tam, Taaaaaaaaam: I’ve Just Requested Payout…

We’ll see how it goes. Will update this post if/when I receive payment, aight?

Watch this space.

UPDATE: Payment Received…

That’s less than 24 hours from when I requested it. Not bad at all.

It didn’t incur a Paypal fee for me either.

So, yes, QuickRewards Network Does Pay…

And quite ‘quick’ too.

The more surveys you qualify for and the more offers you complete, the more money you’ll make. So, I guess I could have made more money on there if I qualified for a survey now and again and if I wasn’t selective about the offers I was willing to sign up to. However, as it stands, it looks like a pretty painless way to make a small amount of pocket change.

Having a no-minimum payout is one of QuickRewards Network’s big strengths and I hope it stays that way. Sometimes, it can be very encouraging to receive a payment in ones Paypal account no matter how small it is, particularly for those just starting out in the make-money-online arena.



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