December ’09 Earnings + Total Earnings for 2009…

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December ’09…

I was trying to make more than I did in November, but that didn’t pan out. Money’s still money though, so it’s all guuuud.

Freelance writing – $96.30 (private client)

IM Report Card: $20.37

Surveys – $11.65 (Crowdology, LightSpeed Panel (UK), Wisad)

Private work – $10.35


QuickRewards Network$1.05

TOTAL MADE: $177.41

2009: Total Earnings…

In total, I made $3369.53:

Freelance writing – $2,450.33
IM Report Card$182.72
GetaFreelancer affiliate$117.25
Proofreading – $85.31
Sold used books – $83.56 (,
GPTs/PTCs – $36.53 (Cashle, Earnawad, QuickRewards, Neobux, You-Cubez)
My ebook – $14.97
Private work – $10.00
Flipnoobs affiliate$7.39
Sold picture – $4.50

Not bad considering I had quite a shitty year on a personal front, plus the economy wasn’t much to write to Martha about.

Naturally, I wanna make more this year than the previous. Now I’ve totally given up freelance writing, that’s a big chunk of potential earnings gone. No regrets though. I made the right decision for me. It’s not one I came to lightly. Sooooo, part of the challenge this year will be to look for other income sources.


  1. ebele

    Ruth – I’m relieved …and proud that I finally made the decision. My client gave me a lovely response when I told him. Not sure what I was so apprehensive about and why it took me so long, but there are plenty of lessons in there somewhere. And, yes, by making room for things I really really want, I’m hoping those things will levitate towards me (obviously with action on my part).

    Thanks for leaving another comment.

    Take care…

  2. ebele

    TriNi, 🙂

    Yes, I didn’t do too bad. Can’t think where it all went, though!

    Take care. You seem to be starting off great. May it continue.

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