Craigslist Can Be a Good Place to Find Gigs… (Sometimes)

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I haven’t used Craigslist to source gigs in a good good while because I never really had that much luck there. Off the top of my head, I think I only ever secured one or two.

A couple weeks’ back, my mind state was very much “Right. Mama’s going on some serious gig hunting. Where my basket at?”

So that’s where I was in my head when I went searching on Craigslist.

My CV had its lipstick on; it was ready. I combed through the site and applied for a handful of opportunities. As a result of that, I got a very quick one-off gig, and another continuing gig that’s made me just over $30 so far (update – 5th Jul: make that just under $60). Both happen to be in the realm of proofreading/light editing, which I’ve always enjoyed doing.

So, my faith in the site’s renewed – not restored, but renewed. I still take a lot of the opportunities I see there with a pinch of salt. My gut still knows which ones don’t deserve a look-in. But, going on the recent luck I’ve had there, I’ll be combing through it more often in the hopes I’ll come across more opps.

Aaaand on that note, guess where I’m off to? 🙂



  1. leslia

    hi, your blog is soo cool, and like you, I’m also into online working. However, I’m not aware what gigs can be found on CL that are legit. Do you post your services there (and how often) or you just randomly scoop for an opportunity on the job category?

    • miss eb.

      Hi Leslia 🙂

      No, I don’t post my services there. I used to a long while back, but didn’t get any responses, so stopped.

      I tend to just search for gigs every so often, and I usually have a sense of the ones that don’t sound right.

      take care…

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