CloudCrowd Review…

(Please note: I wrote this review two years’ ago. Some things have changed at CloudCrowd since then. As such, in addition to reading my review, please read a more recent one to fill in the gaps. There’s one here and here.)


CloudCrowd pays you to complete a number of tasks including:

– looking for email addresses and business profiles

– evaluating images

– editing and reviewing content

– translation work (usually German/French to English and vice versa)

– writing summaries

– singing songs (yep!)

Payments are made every business weekday via Paypal.


What You’ll Need…

CloudCrowd doesn’t work on a *Mac. You will need a PC (Windows platform). (*my bad – apparently you can use CloudCrowd on a Mac. To do edits/reviews, you’ll need the Mac version of Word.)

You will also need a Firefox browser (preferably — not sure it works on other browsers).

If you plan on doing any editing, writing, reviewing (and, I think, translation), you will also need Microsoft Word.


Credential Tests…

To do most tasks, you must first complete and pass a test (known as a Credential Test). The ones you have to sit an initial test for pay more (9 cents to $15.00 each). However, for a few other tasks, a test is not required (for now) and you can jump straight in (pays mostly 2 cents each).

You can only take a particular credential/translator test ONCE. CloudCrowd might change this in the future.


Pay-rate variance…

The pay isn’t always the same on CloudCrowd; sometimes it changes every few days or so – it can go up or down.


Task availability…

Tasks and credential tests aren’t always available. To know when they become available, you can either make frequent visits to the site or you can request that you be informed when they do become available.


Task checking…

Often, when you complete and submit a task, someone will look over your work to make sure you’ve done it properly. If you ever submit a task and its status is ‘Awaiting Approval’, then that’s what’s happening there.

Other times, when you submit a task, it’s automatically approved. However, a reviewer can still go back and check it.

Upon checking, if he/she thinks you haven’t done it well, your task will be rejected, you lose some *credibility (explained below) and you won’t get paid for it.

If you feel it should have been approved, you can appeal it (exception: you can’t appeal a credential test). The appeal process can take some time and you’re only allowed to appeal one task at a time. Though that’s the way to go, some members sometimes choose to forgo that and post a thread on the support forum instead. I’ve noticed a lot of the time, it gets dealt with. Though you can’t appeal credential tests, I’ve seen a couple of people take the support-forum route.



What this means is how well you do each task. The credibility level starts from 30, I believe, and goes up to 100. The more tasks you do correctly, the more your credibility creeps up. However, if you do one task wrong, it can go down pretty quickly, so be careful. If it gets to a certain low, you can be put on probation. You can still do tasks, but it means that you’re being monitored more closely until your tasks prove you’re doing the job properly.

Credibility loss and probation periods happen to CloudCrowd workers frequently, so don’t be too alarmed if it happens to you. It’s happened to me a few times and is part of the learning process. Just be careful and do the job as thoroughly and attentively as you can.

Your credibility is important because it can often determine the tasks you’re entitled to do. Also, if you dip to a certain level (beyond probation level), you can get suspended. It doesn’t happen to a lot of people, but it has happened. If you read the rules thoroughly, make sure you understand what you’re required to do, read the support forum and ask questions if you don’t understand something, then you should be OK.


Some pointers…

– just to make it clear, you don’t earn with Facebook, you earn with CloudCrowd. However, you need a Facebook account to join CloudCrowd as its application is Facebook-based.

– you need a VERIFIED Paypal account to receive payments from CloudCrowd

– before attempting your first task or taking a test, read CloudCrowd’s rules as thoroughly as you can as well as the support forum.

– keep your credibility level healthy

– your tasks are checked by other CloudCrowd members. Who does it depends on their credential and credibility

– though CloudCrowd standards are quite high, rejections have been known to be wrong. If you’re adamant your task shouldn’t have been rejected, appeal it.

– when you get a task, it’s up to you if you wanna do it or skip it. If you skip it, most of the time, a new task will appear (unless CloudCrowd runs out of tasks). If you get a task that you’re unsure about, you might want to consider skipping it altogether rather than run the risk of attempting it, having it rejected and losing some of your credibility. It’s up to you, though. Everyone works differently.


My Experience with CloudCrowd…

When I initially joined CloudCrowd, I wasn’t really that active. I did a few of the low-paid tasks just to test things out and got paid overnight which was cool. After that, I didn’t use it for a while.

About a month ago, I decided to revisit. I wanted to earn more and decided to take the editing credential test. I’d been putting it off for a while because I was nervous about it. The rules seemed overwhelming. But I guess on that day, I was feeling less fearful and more willing to just go for it without worrying about how it might pan out.

Few days later, I got an email informing me that I’d passed. I’d kinda forgotten I took the test. I think at the time I took it, it was more important that I conquered a fear.

However, saying that, the extra money is definitely appreciated. I tend to do more review work as I enjoy proofreading, but I’ve also done some editing work. I was nervous about doing the editing work too, but glad I gave it a go. It’s not quite as daunting anymore.

If you see tasks on there that you feel you’re skilled to do, try taking the test. The worst that could happen is that you don’t get in. That’s it.



If you have any questions, I don’t consider myself to be a CloudCrowd guru, but I’m willing to help if I can with what I know. However, your first port of call should be the support forum.


Good luck…

If you plan on joining CloudCrowd, good luck. It’s a site that’s still in beta so it’s not without its faults, but it has potential.



  1. Shirley

    Thanks for reviewing CloudCrowd. I joined it some weeks ago and really wasn’t impressed, but now that I’ve read your review I get a better idea of how it all works and how you can make money using it. I really appreciate all of the helpful work at home information you have available on this blog.

  2. ebele

    You’re very welcome, Shirley 🙂 Hope you have a smoother time on CloudCrowd. I admit, it’s not one of the most straightforward sites to use, but I find that keeping plugged into the support forum really helps.

    Take care now…and thanks for passing by.

  3. TriNi

    Awesome review! I used it a bit to do some work in the beginning just to see if they really paid and I’m happy that I did in fact get paid. But since then, I’ve been so busy as you know, that I haven’t done much work there. I still get a few cents of referral earnings here and there, but nothing compared to if I did the work myself. I think it’s definitely a good site to make a little money at home doing simple tasks.

    TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

  4. ebele

    Thanks, hun.

    Yeah, CloudCrowd can be good for extra money. You can also fit it round your schedule (as long as there are tasks available to do).

  5. ebele


    I hear you. I don’t do the lower-paid tasks that much, so I don’t have any direct experience of how slow or fast it is to earn that way.

    I can only speak for the editing/reviewing side of things as that’s what I do the most of there. I made about $80 from it last month and I’m hoping to surpass it this month. I didn’t have to spend a hell of a lot of time to earn it, either, and I like the fact I get something in my Paypal account every weekday.

    Admittedly, the site’s not for everyone, though, but it’s working for me (for now).

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  6. Anonymous

    Cloudcrowd is making a fortune by paying Third World wages for First World work. The fools willing to work for pennies are creating a very low paying market in the fields of editing, writing and translating.

  7. Carl

    Congratulations on the credential 🙂
    I’m waiting for mine, hope it gets accepted. Also, Chinese (simpl.) means Simplified Chinese, while Chinese (trad) means Traditional Chinese.

  8. ebele

    Hi Carl 🙂

    What credential/s did you go for? Keeping my fingers crossed for you, anyway. Let me know how it goes.

    Thanks for the explanation (re: Chinese).

    Take care…

  9. L. T./Esk/Bowser

    Sometimes the editing work is fantastically easy, other times it’s a slog. I think I saw your name attached to a few things that passed through my desk today!

  10. ebele

    Hi Bowser,

    Yes, some of the edits can be super easy to do, which is great as they balance out the far trickier ones.

    Your name looks familiar! Think I’ve reviewed some of your edits in the past.

    Have a great year.

  11. Anonymous

    CloudCrowd is totally usable with a Mac. I do work on it with my Mac with it all the time 🙂 Of course if you’re gonna do any of the editing work you’ll need Word for the Mac.

  12. ebele

    Aah, I see, Anon. I just always thought you couldn’t use CloudCrowd with a Mac. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing it out. Will update my post.

    Take care now…

  13. ebele

    You’re welcome, Laura!

    I haven’t used Amazon Mech Turk that much. Something put me off it, but I can’t remember what.

    All the best with CloudCrowd if you plan to give it a go.

    Take care…

  14. Wayne P

    Great information. I am surprised that this website has so few relative workers. They offer a great service to their customers and to their workers. I haven’t made much money on the site yet but if you put in the time it is very do-able.

  15. ebele

    Hi Wayne P,

    Glad you’re enjoying CloudCrowd. What tasks have you been doing?

    I think CloudCrowd has A LOT of workers, definitely not few.

    Take care…

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