Clixsense Update…

(Clixsense pays you to view ads – on average, 1-2 cents per view though it can sometimes be more. Two membership levels: Standard (free) & Premium ($10 a year). Min payout: $10. Pays via cheque or AlertPay.)

I upgraded my Clixsense account yesterday. Why?

Because my imaginary friend told me to.

And I always listen to my imaginary friend.


We’re married, you know? But when I show people the marriage certificate, they pretend they can’t see it.

This hurts me deeply.

The whole world’s gone mad if you ask me.

Anyway, so I upgraded my Clixsense account to premium again. Couple of (other) reasons why:

REASON 1: Upgrade equals more ads. The amount of initial ads you get when you upgrade depends on your location and profile. I’m in the UK so I’ve been given 461 ads (worth $4.61) to start with. Last year when I upgraded, I got an initial 270 ads, so 461’s a significant improvement.  /// Going on my past upgrade experience, after you’ve clicked on all the ads, you don’t get the same amount of ads to click on. So, for e.g., I’m not gonna get another batch of 461 ads. Rather, I’ll get a smaller amount throughout the day, everyday. Last year, I got up to 18 ads a day, plus a one-off 100-200 ads. Not what I expected, but it was still better than the amount of ads I’d get if I was a standard member.

(click image to view larger version)

REASON 2: the upgrade lasts a year which gives me more than enough time to hopefully breakeven and move into profit (especially as I don’t plan on using any of my Clixsense balance to buy advertising, which is what I used to do).

(click image to view larger version)

REASON 3: Clixsense now pays via AlertPay. They used to pay via cheque only, which wasn’t a problem for me as sites have sent me cheques and vouchers in the post before. However, the problem I had was that Clixsense charged $3.00 for cheques to be sent out. I mean, you did/do have the option to change your minimum payout from $10 to $20, $50 and so on to cushion the blow of a $3 charge, but $3 still seemed a bit much.

The fact that there is now an option to receive your money via AlertPay is great. Plus, there’s only a 50 cent fee on that. I’m more encouraged to aim for a payout.

REASON 4: Clixsense has a good referral program that I’ve never really taken advantage of. Wanna see if I can change that. The program extends to standard members, but has more benefits with a premium upgrade.

Cost of an Upgrade:

The premium upgrade is $10 a year. OK with me. I don’t like the extra £1.50 bank charge I’m probably gonna get for using my debit card to pay, though. Got that the last time, so I don’t see it changing this time round. I might change my minimum payout on Clixsense to $20 because of that. I’ll decide when I reach $10.

Potential Clixsense Earnings: Doing the (very rough) Math…

Well, before I did the recent upgrade, I was at $3.08. The upgrade’s given me $4.61 worth of ads. Once I get through those, I don’t expect I’ll get as many, but it’ll still be more than if I was a standard member.

So, $3.08 + $4.61 = $7.69

When I upgraded last year, after I got through the initial 270 ads, I was getting up to 18 cents a day.

So let’s say $7.69 + (10 cents a day x 365 days) (**I’m being very prudent here which is why I’ve done 10 cents instead of 18) = $44.19

Also, there was a time when, several months afterwards, a large batch of ads was added (like 100 or 200):

So, $44.19 + $1.00 (100 ads – again, being prudent) = $45.19

There’s more to Clixsense’s referral program, but basically it’s $0.01 or $0.10 per referred member (depending on if you’re standard or premium) and $2.00 per member who goes on to upgrade.

Let’s say I really suck at referring people, that I suck so much that a couple of people join through my referral link out of pity:

So, $45.19 + 50 cents (5 referrals) = $45.69

…then, the Tooth Fairy threatens a few of them to upgrade:

So, $45.69 + $4.00 (2 upgrades) = $49.69 total potential Clixsense earnings for the year.

Not much, but not bad on a $10 investment. I don’t know how many more ads I’m actually gonna get, or how many referrals, so I could potentially make more than I’m guestimating. Or possibly less. Who knows?

Anyhoo, we’ll see how it goes. Not gonna spend too much time on the site. An initial 5-10 minutes a day; then once I’ve gone through all 461 ads, I won’t need to spend up to that.



[img credit: migraine chick]


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