Clixsense: Minimum Payout Reached!

Big Mama’s hit the big time. Well, erm, in so far as $10 or so goes.

I was sashaying my big ol’ hips towards the $10 minimum (was at about $9.25) – and then next thing I know, I glanced up at my Clixsense toolbar and it was reading $11-something!

My Clixsense Balance (click image to view larger version)

I don’t have that many referrals (actually, three), but one of them upgraded (thank you, you!), pushing me over the $10 minimum!

I spent some minutes looking around to see how to request my payment before realising Clixsense automatically sends payments out on or before the 10th of every month (as long you’ve earned the minimum by the 1st of that month). I expect I’ll be getting mine next month, then.

I have a couple more weeks to work up my Clixsense earnings a bit more before payout. I’d like to get it up to around $12.50 if I can as that would then cover the £1.50 (grrr) my bank charged me when I used my debit card to pay for my $10 premium upgrade. If I can do that, then I’d truly have broken even and anything else I make from then on (’til next Sept when my upgrade expires) would be profit. Whether I’ll maintain my interest in the site ’til then is another thing, but at least the opportunity to earn a bit of money is there.

UPDATE – 23rd Oct: I’m over $12.50 🙂



  1. GetPaidToBeaReferral

    ClixSense is one of the more decent PTC sites out there. I always get around 7 to 10 ads there every day, and I’m only a standard member. I wish they paid by Paypal, though. The only people who pay by check anymore are grandmas. And ClixSense. 😛

  2. ebele

    7-10 ads is pretty good for a standard member. How do you manage that? Do you have the Clixsense toolbar installed or do you just log in randomly?

    Though PayPal would be better, at least they now pay via AlertPay in addition to cheques. Maybe PayPal will be a future implementation of theirs.

    Take care…

  3. Kevin Timothy

    I started using PTCs about a year ago and inronically I didn’t start out with Clixsense. By the time I got around to this company I was fed up with the shoddy experiences I have received with other PTC sites. Clixsense is NOT the one to doubt!

    I want to congratulate you on your meeting your payment threshold with them and wish you many more paychecks…lol. I find that Clixsense has twofold benefits; easy way to earn extra supplemental income, and a marvelous place to advertise. The comp plan is great too!

    Once I learned how to effectively market Clixsense, you could say that my vehicle rarely lacks petro money now. 🙂 Take care, author

  4. ebele

    Hi Kevin,

    Yep, there are several shoddy PTCs out there. Glad you’re having a better experience with Clixsense, though. I can’t say I’ve had much luck using the advertising arm of things there, so good on you for having the knack for it.

    I’m glad to have reached my first payout there and more or less broken even. Now I can just sit back and make profit. I have about 10 months of that which is cool.

    Thanks for passing by and leaving a comment.

    Take care…

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