Chance to Earn a Bit of Money (quick too) – Appen Butler Hill – VERY Time Sensitive… (UK English Native Speakers Only)

I was recently involved in a short data collection project with Appen Butler Hill
. Lasted about 45 mins to an hour for me. Pays $16 AUD (Australian Dollars) for completion (via Paypal in early August).

$16 AUD is roughly £8.80 GBP.

I’ve worked with Appen before on a couple other short projects.

For this data collection project, you’re given short sentences to record online. You have to complete 450 in total. They’re very short. Once you get into a flow, you’re done before you know it :). (at least it was for me)

You need a mic, net connection, and somewhere quiet.

If you follow the directions carefully, you should be OK. If I can do it, then… 🙂

Appen’s now looking for more people for this project…

I’ve been asked to invite nine people to the project, and have been given a unique code per person. If you’d like to take part, contact me.

You need the code to start the project. (p.s.: I do get paid for each person I refer that completes it.)

“All participants must be native speakers of English from the UK (any types of English/Welsh/Scottish/Northern Irish accents are acceptable).”

The deadline to complete the project is 11pm (GMT) tomorrow (25/7). | (UPDATE: it’s since been extended to 26/7, 11.59 pm)


To take part, and for more info, please leave a comment below with your email …or email me: me (at) getpaidtofart (dot) com.

Miss Eb.


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