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PingPong (Research Site) (Includes Payment Proof)

I came across PingPong (via a Facebook group) about a month ago and decided to join. Looking for an additional way to earn, I thought I’d check it out.

PingPong is into research/feedback. Companies come to them to receive online feedback about their products from users like my fine self (and your wovly self too, of course).


Can anyone join?

I haven’t seen anything on their site excluding anyone, so I’m assuming anyone with a PayPal account can join. (There are some countries, however, where PayPal is a no-no, or where you can send money via PayPal but can’t receive via PayPal. My understanding is it’s a PayPal policy thingymejig, and not to do with a particular site.)


Sooo what happened after joining PingPong, lady?

I received notifications of tests soon after. Unfortunately, I either didn’t qualify for them or available slots had run out by the time I got there.

I’d say it was about a week or so after joining that I qualified for a test and got myself a slot. (It felt like a date!)

(I kid. I kid.)


The session

I did the test on 15th May. Really enjoyed it. The session was for half an hour and paid 20 Euros. It was live, via video call.


Payment, pweese

I got PayPal’d a week later. However, it was sent as a pending payment which cleared after a further week (May 31st). That was my only gripe as I thought after 7 days, what I received would be available immediately, and there was nothing on PingPong’s site to say that would happen. A PayPal fee was also subtracted, so I ended up with 18.97 Euros, not 20 Euros. (That part was mentioned on their site though, so it was my oversight.)


Did schomeone schay payment proof?


All in all

It was an enjoyable experience. I was a bit nervous, but got into the swing of it. It was laid back and I really just had to share what I honestly thought.

New sessions

I’m yet to receive notifications of new tests, but I think it’s a new site so it might take a while for them to get more clients. I do hope more sessions come my way in the future as it was a cool way to earn.


Misseb Review…

(I’ve been meaning to do this write-up for a good while now, so here goesy woesy…)

. What’s That, Huh?

Paid Forum Posting (PFP) is a company that pays you to, well, post on forums! They also pay for blog commenting, tweeting and article writing, but most of what I’ve seen so far is for forum posting and blog commenting. The company seems to have been around for a good while.

So basically, a forum owner may have a dormant, new or quiet forum and want some life injected into it. PFP takes care of that by hiring its members to populate the owner’s forum with new threads and posts (or blog comments if it’s a blog).


Can’t remember when I joined PFP, you know…

Think it was early last year – March or a bit later. But anyway, I hardly did anything there, just a job or two. It wasn’t ’til October that I started getting more active.

So How Does It Work?

PFP has its own private forum that members can access. When a client requests content, PFP posts the job in a particular part of its forum. If you’re interested in taking it, you claim your spot and start/finish the job on the required date.


Who Can Apply/What You Need…

As far as I can surmise, it’s open to anyone with a good grasp of English and a Paypal account. Most content requires US English unless otherwise stated. Paypal is the only way the company pays. You also have to be good at following rules as there’s quite a chunk of those, but it’s how the site stays robust and functional. You also have to be quite organised (or learn to be).


Topics Available…

It varies. Every forum has its own topic.This is a good thing because it means you can pick and choose a forum based on a topic that interests you.


Post/Thread Length…

Each post or thread you write must be a minimum of 25 words.


Job Completion: Drip Feeding…

When you sign up for a job, it has to be spread out over a period of time – sometimes over a week, sometimes a month, or in-between. The idea is to post a little at a time over that period. This is so that post frequencies look as natural as possible on a forum.


Minimum Payout…

There isn’t a minimum payout. When you finish a particular job, you can request payment. I prefer to let mine build up to at least $10 before I make a request.



Everyone starts off as a trainee. You can only take on 7 jobs at that level. After a while, your status is raised to Team Member at which time you can take on as many jobs as you can manage.



PFP will send you a warning if there are any rules you’re not following. If you do get one, don’t be too alarmed. As you’re learning the ropes, warnings are bound to happen. I’ve had my fair share of them and I consider it to be a useful part of the learning process.


To Apply…

Go here – How to apply to become a writer. If you plan on applying, you’ll be asked to create 7 trial posts for review. Read the rules on the ‘How to apply to become a writer’ page well and make sure you understand them before you start posting your trial posts.


If Your Application’s Successful…

– read the rules, then read them again, and again

– ask questions – there’s a section where you can do that

– you can never ask too many questions

– when you’re ready to start working, leave a window with the rules open so you can reference it when you need to


Flexible Extra Income…

In the time I’ve been more active on PFP, there’s always been work available. However, there’s only so much I can do as I have other work/interests. I’m also not looking for it to be my main source of online income. I’d go insane. But as supplemental/flexi income, it works for me.


I’m outtie, I’m flighty, I’m Big Mama Almighty…


Review: UniqueRewards…

It’s been a while since I reviewed a site, so I thought I’d try out this one:

UniqueRewards is one of a truckload of GPT (get paid to) sites I’ve seen out there, so in that sense the site’s not that ‘unique’. You get money for doing a variety of things including reading emails, taking surveys, checking out sites, shopping online and trying out products.

Who can join?

Only folks in the UK, US and Canada can join, unfortunately. Maybe they’ll open it wider in the future. Cashle used to be open to the UK/US only, then it opened its doors to all countries, so you never know.


Registration didn’t take me longer than a few minutes. When you register, UniqueRewards gives you a $5 sign-up bonus.

Note: When you fill in the registration form and get to Step 2, you don’t have to complete the offers on that page. I unchecked any checkboxes that were checked, clicked on FINISH and that was that. Also, on the page after that, I was asked to complete one of 2-minute offers in order to receive the $5 sign-up bonus. I didn’t. But I still got the $5 bonus in my account. 

Minimum payout/Payment methods…

The minimum payout is $20, which I think is quite high. However, the $5 sign-up bonus helps.

Payment methods are via Paypal and cheque. I’m obviously gonna opt for Paypal.

When do they pay?

Once you reach minimum payout, you’re paid the following Monday. I’m not a big GPT person, so if I manage to drum up the patience to reach the minimum, I’ll keep y’all posted on how long it actually took from the time I requested payment. They do have a referral program so that might help me reach the minimum quicker. We’ll see.

Their referral program…

– you earn $1 when your referral completes his/her first offer

– $5 per active referral. ‘Active’ in Unique Rewards land means for every $20+ your referral earns.

– you also earn 10% of all your referrals’ earnings

– there’s no limit to how many referrals you can have

Anyway, now I’ve joined the site, I’m gonna take a look around, see what’s up. Will update soon.



10TH SEPT 2011:

– I went to a section of the site known as Cash Clicks. There were 9 sites for me to view. For every one I clicked on and viewed for at least 30 secs, I got a cent. New balance: $5.09.

– Went back to my account and saw there were a group of Hot Offers for me to complete. I only did one worth 10 cents involving a travel site.

– Went to the Cash Offers section – completed one offer (joined Maximiles) – worth $0.50+ 10%. Not sure what the 10% means though.

– Offers take 12-48 hrs to be approved, so I’ll give it that and see what happens.

There are lots of offers available, but there aren’t many I really wanna complete, which is probably why I tend not to do that great with GPT sites. Some of the offers also look familiar as I’ve seen them on other GPT sites before. I’ll probably stick to the cash clicks, maybe try a survey or two every now & then aaaaaaand look out for the odd offer that I actually wanna join.


– The offers I did (worth $0.60) were approved yesterday. That’s pretty quick and is in line with the 12-48 hrs UniqueRewards says offers usually take to approve. I also received an extra 10% on top of that (6 cents) ‘cos they’re doing a promo for two days where you get an extra 10% on top of every offer that’s completed.

– There was a fresh batch of Cash Clicks to view – 11 this time – worth a cent each. So that’s an extra 11 cents.

New balance: $5.86.

14TH SEPT: Clicked on more cash clicks. I’ve done enough to notice that a fresh batch of clicks tend to appear every 24 hours b/w 12am-1am (GMT) ((scratch that – I assumed wrong)). I’ve also had a few cash emails to view (1 cent per email). Apart from that, nothing new to report.

New balance: $6.12.

17TH SEPT: Haven’t been doing anything else really but cash clicks and viewing a few cash emails. Might attempt one offer or survey today.

New balance: $6.51.

23RD SEPT: I’m at just over $7.00 now. Cash clicks, the odd cash email, that’s it. I’ve earned $1.32 in cash clicks since I joined, so that averages about $0.12 a day. I wanna speed things up, so I need to look at completing some offers.

New balance: $7.05.

28TH SEPT: I was at $7.50 or so yesterday. Then I logged into my account today and it had jumped to $8.76! Mama got an active referral, that’s what! (thank you, whoever you are – hope you earn good change).

New balance: $8.76.

5TH OCT: Edging closer to the halfway mark. I noticed I now have an image that appears in my account, showing someone walking towards a bag of gold – a measure of where I am regarding payout. Cute lil touch. 🙂

Another thing: once you receive your first $20 payout, you automatically earn more from completing offers. I think it’s something like 40% more. Will double check that and confirm.

New balance: $9.49.

10TH OCT: Halfway mark reached!

New balance: $10.00.

 I’m at just over $11 now.

New balance: $11.03.

30TH OCT: 
Surprise $5 bonus for an active referral!

New balance: $16.62.

16TH NOVEMBER: Getting there!

New balance: $17.79.

 Just under 50 cents to go now til I can cash out!

New balance: $19.51.



Payout requested. Paypal. From reading UniqueReward’s FAQ, it looks like they pay every Monday, so I should be receiving it soon.

 Got paid!



Earning Opportunity: Techdoctordeals…

(update 2013: this site no longer exists)

Techdoctordeals is a new forum. Though my assumption is that it’s a technology forum, hence the ‘tech’ in their name, there appear to be other topics apart from technology — so you don’t necessarily have to be tech savvy to participate.

The forum is free to join.


– any post you make cannot be less than 250 characters. On the forum, that’s about a line and a half. If it’s less than 250 chars, a message will display notifying you that you haven’t reached the minimum. If you really get into each post, reaching 250 chars won’t be a problem at all.

– I’m not sure what the position is on creating threads. I don’t know who and who can’t create them. I’d say just stick to replying to threads as there are plenty to go through.

Pay per post/thread…

When I joined in late Sept/early October, it was 75 cents per post/thread, then it dropped to 50 cents, then around 30 cents, then threads went up to 40 cents each and posts down to 15 cents each. As of today (2nd Nov), posts/threads have been changed to 3-5 cents each. Yes. Not a misprint. 3-5 cents.

Minimum withdrawal…

Used to be $10 Canadian dollars, then they changed the rules. Two memberships: free and premium. Free members could only withdraw $10 a week. Premium members could withdraw as much as they managed to earn.

Then it got changed. Only premium members could get paid. Free members could withdraw a one-off $10 payment which they could use to upgrade to premium. Minimum payout for premium members was changed to $100. Yes. $100. And you could only request payment once a month.

As of today (2nd Nov), minimum payout has been reset to $20. I don’t know if this applies to free and premium members.

You must have a verified Paypal account. (Alertpay’s recently been added as a payment option)

Premium membership…

This was introduced around mid October. Was $9.99 a month, then some weeks later, it was changed to $14.99 a month if non recurring payments were made. Now it’s $5.99/month (as of 2nd Nov).

As well as being able to withdraw as much as they’d earned, premium members were also able to take advantage of Techdoctordeals’ referral program (which used to be available to free members). I say ‘was’ because as of Nov 2nd, free members are now privy to it too.

The whole idea behind introducing premium membership was because some members had unverified Paypal accounts and apparently Techdoctordeals was finding it very problematic. I don’t completely get why it was a problem. I also don’t get why they considered monthly payments of $9.99 to be a solution to that problem. Does $9.99 a month automatically make an unverified Paypal account verified? For me, it felt a tad opportunistic and exploitative.

When are payments made?

Used to be every Friday, then it changed to once a month, then to twice a month. When it was every Friday, I received my first two payments on time, in fact days before. My 3rd payment took longer – almost two weeks (before it was changed to once/twice a month).



If you log in and you’re taken to a message…

Right, Techdoctordeals do a number of updates throughout the day. These are messages they consider to be important and that every member should read. Therefore, every time you log in, if there’s been a new update, you’ll automatically be taken to a box prompting you to read it. Once you read the message, you can continue on to the forum. However, if there’s more than one message, when you click to go to the forum, you’ll automatically be taken back to the box prompting you to read the next message. There’s no way around it – it’ll keep on looping you through the box and onto the next message until all updates have been read.

I definitely won’t be upgrading…

Techdoctordeals is a relatively new forum trying to find its feet and adapt to more members joining every day. I get that. But I feel the admin’s made a mess of something that was working OK. The sheer rate at which the rules change is head spinning. First, premium membership was introduced, then the referral program was only available to premium members, then the posting pay rate was changed, then pay-request limits were phased in for free members, then free members could only make a one-off withdrawal, then the minimum payout was increased for premium members… the list of changes goes on.

I don’t think I’d been a member there for more than a month, and in that time, all this (and more) had happened.

I must be special.

They didn’t have to put on a show for me. Really. They didn’t.

Whereas I was toying with the idea of possibly upgrading once the forum found its own groove and settled, it’s now looking veeeeeery unlikely that I will.

I really can’t, in all honesty, recommend this forum. I think it’s too volatile. It doesn’t foster trust and loyalty if the rules change so frequently. Also, at 3 to 5 cents a post, I hardly think it’s worth upgrading to premium (at $5.99 a month).

If you really are gonna join Techdoctordeals, I’d advice that you stick to being a free member. Whatever you do is totally your choice, though, so if you do decide to upgrade, good luck.

This is the last update I’ll be doing about Techdoctordeals as I don’t plan on using it much longer. For any future changes/updates, please visit the forum.



Get Your Cashle On…

(Cashle is now called Points2Shop. Please note that this is an old review, so parts of this may no longer be accurate.)

I joined
Cashle, ummmm let’s see, about a month ago, I think. Cashle’s kinda similar to CashCrate, TreasureTrooper and QuickRewards Network where you get paid to complete certain tasks. On Cashle, you get paid to:

– complete surveys
– complete free and/or paid trials
– complete free offers
– click and view certain sites
– play games
– refer new members to the site

Points and Cash…

For some tasks you complete, you get points. For others, you get cash.

points – Depending on how many points you build up, you can exchange them for prizes on Amazon. There are over a hundred prizes to choose, for e.g., headphones, Xbox products, birthday cards and action figures.

cash – Most of the tasks I’ve seen pay cash ranging from $0.01 all the way up to $2.50 task. However, a lot of them tend to be under $1.00 though.

Who is Cashle open to?

UK, US and Canadian residents. (update: anyone can now join! No longer restricted to UK, US, Canada. Cashle’s now open to all countries.)

And the Minimum Payout?

Well, it depends on the payment methods you request. If you’re like me and you prefer to receive payment via Paypal, then minimum payout is $1.00. For other payment methods:

– Alertpay: $1.00 (paid instantly)
– E-Gold: $0.01
– Liberty Reserve: $0.01
– Cheque: $5.00 (no fee)
– GoDaddy gift certificate: $5.00
– gift card: $10.00
– gift card: $10.00
– gift certificate: $10.00
– Best Buy gift card: $10.00
– Future Shop gift card: $30.00

Other info…

– Cashle gives you a free $0.50 just for registering

– I don’t know how long each payment method takes once you request it (apart from AlertPay). I can’t seem to find info about that on the site. It’s probably somewhere. However, when I requested my Paypal payment, I got it the very next day. Not bad, huh? (update – feb ’14: paypal payments are now made instantly.)

– Cashle also owns and both sites are interconnected in some way. I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but for example, to earn points by playing games, you have to do it through Points2shop.

How Much I’ve Made on Cashle?

I must admit, not much: $1.15 (update: $9.48 as of Sept 2011). I could probably earn more, but completing offers isn’t really something I enjoy doing. However, having completed a few tasks, requested payment and received it fairly quickly, Cashle does appear to be a pretty efficient and scam-free site.

Update – 2nd Feb 2014: in total, I’ve made roughly $45.00 on Cashle. I rarely use the site anymore.