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Online Earnings: November/December 2016

I was away for part of November and December. Though I planned to work while away, I knew I wouldn’t make as much as I could in November. December was more challenging (and frustrating) as I didn’t have reliable internet access for about three weeks.

As such, I made $180.71 in November and $166.38 in December.

Earnings Breakdown: Nov ($180.71)

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received) 

 – Proofreading: $129.64

 – Online assistance: $30.73 (£25.00)

 – The Money Shed Forum prize: $12.51 (£10.00) / (The Money Shed’s forum is really good/helpful re: making money online. I’ve been a member for a year or two. In the Earn Money Online section, there’s a moneymaking challenge every month where you declare how much you want to make and post earning updates. It’s just a way of people supporting each other/keeping each other going. | Last year, for some months, there were monthly cash prizes given to members (chosen randomly) who were part of the challenge. I won a prize in November 🙂 )

 – Pinecone Research: $3.68 (£3.00) (read review)

 – Private post about where I make money proofreading: $3.00 (Interested? Read here first. / Price for access goes up to $5.00 from Jan 21st.)

 – Cashle/Points2Shop: $1.15 (read review)


Earnings Breakdown: Dec ($166.38)

 – Proofreading: $166.38

(That’s it. All the money I made in December was from proofreading.)


My next post will be a total and breakdown of my 2016 earnings. I don’t know if I made more than I did in 2015; I have a feeling I did. Guess I’ll find out soon enough. 🙂


Miss Eb.

Online Earnings: October 2016

I’m happy with what I made in October: $379.73. It’s my second highest-earning month. The highest was in September ($641.80), but half of that was because I won some money (though proofreading made up a big chunk too – $250.62).

Of the $379.73 I made last month, $278.70 was from proofreading. That’s the most I’ve made from proofreading this year, and the year before!

Earnings Breakdown ($379.73)

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received) 

 – Proofreading: $278.70

 – Slots: $85.57 (£70)

 – Lucky Phone: $12.12 (£10.00)  / (Lucky Phone’s a lottery draw based on phone numbers (I think it’s only UK numbers). As well as a draw, you can collect points & cash out £10.00 when you reach 1000 points. Took me aaaages, but yeah, finally got it. I was thinking of not using the site after cashing out, but I seem to still be using it 🙂 )

 – Gift Hunter Club: $2.00 (read review)

 – Cashle/Points2Shop: $1.34 (read review)



I don’t think I’ll make as much this month as I’ll be busy with other things, especially in the last week. However, it would be nice to finish the month at $200 if I can. If not, that’s OK.


Online Earnings: September 2016

September was a bittersweet month. It was my highest-earning month, but a personally challenging one.

Anyway, onto the earnings. I made $641.80! That’s the most I’ve made in a month this year – in fact, it’s been about five years since I have.

A sizable amount of that is due to a meaty slot win. I’m not usually lucky with slots, but I won £250 from a £10 or £20 deposit (can’t remember which).

I don’t recommend slots. I also don’t recommend it as an intended way to earn money online, especially if you feel you have an addictive personality. I say this from personal experience. However, I’m grateful for the win. / I don’t go into a month thinking about playing slots as a way of earning online. Proofreading is mainly my thing. But when I do win, I do tend to include it in my total earnings.

The rest of my earnings came from proofreading – roughly $250 – the most I’ve made in a month this year. I plan on making more this month. *beast mode* *cute beast though*

Earnings Breakdown ($641.80)

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received) 

– Slots: $377.87 (£250)

 – Proofreading: $250.62

 – Pinecone Research (surveys): $7.84 (£6.00)

 – Swagbucks: $3.97 (£3.00) (read review)

 – Cashle/Points2Shop: $1.50 (read review)

Aaaand that’s me for September. 🙂


I plan to hit the ground running this month. I need to. Proofreading-wise, there’s about $38 on its way from work I’ve done over the past couple days. I’m using the site as we speak and plan to make $20 by the end of the day; I’m about a quarter of the way there.

I need to wake up earlier (which means hitting the sack earlier. I’m a night owl), so I can start and reach my target earlier. I think more work comes in in the mornings (my time. GMT.)

I also have two other things I want to take a look at, one of them being testing, which I used to do a bit of between February and July.

This month is about time management, organisation and focus in order to make the most I can. Basically, making the most of each day, putting in the work early (and early in the month), so that I’m in flow in a week or two. I want to be in beast mode early on rather than piling on the pressure mid-month.

In the midst all that, I also need to take care of myself so I’m in the position to work at the level I plan to, so eating well, taking breaks, taking naps, and getting an adequate amount of sleep.

I can do it. (a voice says)

Here’s to an abundant October for us all. 🙂


Proofreading: $20-a-day Aim (Update)

So, my idea a couple of weeks ago was to see if I could make $20 a day on the proofreading site I use.

I did OK the first couple of days, but lost the focus/enthusiasm to make that amount per day. However, I’ve been able to manage $10 days easily. I wouldn’t have been able to do that had I not aimed to make $20 a day, so that’s cool.

I now know I can go at a steady but leisurely pace and make $10 a day ($10 days are now the norm for me); but if I want to push myself, I can make $20 or close to it.

Since 7th September when I posted about my idea, I’ve made just under $140. I also have about $37 due to me and I’m working my way towards another $10. I’m set to make more this month from the site than I’ve made in any month this year.

What this experiment has taught me:

– what I can achieve if I focus (and it doesn’t have to be a huge amount of focus, but being consistent helps)

– that it all adds up, the effort put in each day, no matter how small per day.

– that I like receiving money. I like the current flow of money I’m manifesting. I like what I’ve made and I like what’s coming to me.

I look forward to making more money between now and the end of the month.

I’m not used to talking about money in this way; I’m aware I’m talking about it in a different way in this post, almost like I’m reclaiming some of my power. I wasn’t aware of where I was with that until I wrote this post.

Anyway, have a cool weekend, all. 🙂


Online Earnings: July and August 2016

Hello 🙂

Since I didn’t get round to posting about July’s earnings, I’m sharing that along with August’s.

July and August were quite a contrast. July was my lowest-earning month ($137.24), while August was my second highest ($294.45). A big part of that was a lucky win on slots (risk free too), plus I was more consistent with the proofreading.

(any amount in brackets is the currency in which it was received)

July: $137.24

 – Proofreading: $83.64

 – Testing: $13.45 (via – pays to test sites & apps)

 – Slots: $13.27 (£10.00)

 – Surveys: $10.92 (£8.31) (Pinecone Research, Prolific Academic)

 – Spare5: $8.96

 – Gift Hunter Club: $7.00 (review)


August: $294.45

 – Proofreading: $138.90

 – Slots: $138.63 (£105.14)

 – Cashback: $13.07 (£10.00)

 – Gift Hunter Club: $2.00 (review)

 – Spare5: $1.85


Plans for September…

I’d like to make $10 a day proofreading (*info about the site I use). I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I’ll try. If so, then that’ll be $300 by the end of the month, and coupled with other bits and bobs, will make it my highest-earning month.

The thing is I’m likely to get bored by the effort, so let’s say this will be a challenge within a challenge 🙂 

I’m hoping there’ll be busy days where making the $10 will be easier, so I can opt out on some days. I’m likely to stick to the challenge that way.

I might aim for $200 instead as it would still be the most I’ve made in a month this year (via proofreading), but $300 would be nice. I could do with that.

Anyway, we’ll see.

Apart from that, I basically want to make more money this month. Today, I sensed a hunger for it. I hope it sticks around throughout the month.


Right, that’s me. Happy hoppy September, y’all. May it rock like it’s grooving to a new song it just heard. 🙂