CashNHits: a Review…

I haven’t joined a PTC site in a good while – I don’t usually, to be honest, because I can think of other more entertaining ways to earn (more) money. I therefore keep GPTs and PTCs and the time I spend there to a minimum.

I thought I’d try out CashNHits after reading about it on a blog I visit. It was also a Sunday. What can I say: I was bored.

I read CashNHits had a really low payout of $0.60, so I figured it shouldn’t take me more than a century or two to reach that, no? 🙂


Who can join?

I’m actually not sure. There’s a Country Breakdown link on their page, but I don’t know if this is for their members who advertise or those who view the ads.


What’s CashNHits’ pay per click?

Before joining, I wanted to find out how much CashNHits paid per click.

Couldn’t find it.

So I thought, “let me look for their FAQ. Maybe it’s there.”

There wasn’t an FAQ.

Not good.

This is something I feel people would find useful in helping them make a decision on whether to join the site.

Nowhere on the site could I see WHEN it pays once you reach minimum payout (unless I just wasn’t looking properly).

Anyway, after joining I found out the pay-per-click rate was up to $0.01 (actually slightly more than $0.01). However, most of the ads I actually did see were a fraction of that.


When do they pay? 

Two to seven working days after reaching minimum payout.


$0.60 minimum payout is for the FIRST payment only…

The $0.60 minimum payout only happens ONCE. When you reach and request further payouts, they’re as follows:

Standard members – 1st payout is $0.60. | 2nd and 3rd payout – $1.00 | 4th, 5th and subsequent payouts – $1.50

Premium members – 1st payout is $0.25. | 2nd and 3rd payout – $0.5 | 4th, 5th and subsequent payouts – $1.00


The above is if you request via Paypal. With Alertpay, it’s more: 

Standard members – 1st payout – $1.50 | 2nd payout – $2.00 | 3rd payout – $3.00 | 4th – $4.00 | 5th and subsequent payouts – $5.00

Premium members – 1st payout – $1.25 | 2nd payout – $1.50 | 3rd payout – $2.00 | 4th – $2.50 | 5th and subsequent payouts – $3.00

This info is available to you once you join, not before, not unless other blogs inform you. The info should be readily available on CashNHits’ site BEFORE, which makes me wonder why they chose to do that.


Oh and did I mention the Paypal/Alertpay fee?

Paypal – 3% | AlertPay – 15% (you kidding me?)


Ways to Earn… 

– View ads: These consist of member ads and YouTube ads. After viewing an ad, you have to click on a matching number to confirm you’ve viewed it. Sometimes, you’re asked to click on an upside-down image.

– Complete offers: You’re paid to sign up to a range of sites. Most of the sites are other PTCs and GPTs. You have to view/click 150 ads before you can sign up to offers.

– Facebook ads ($0.005 to $0.05 per like): You must have a minimum of 25 friends on your friends list. – Surf ads: $0.00012 per view.

– Video ads – I’ve only ever seen a couple of these available. Looks to be around $0.001 per view.

– Click exchange – I still don’t quite get what this is. I viewed a certain amount of sites, then a pop-up came up telling me I’d been rewarded with a small fraction of a cent and ad credits. I didn’t really bother much with it after that.

Most of what I concentrated on was viewing ads. That’s how I reached minimum payout. It took me 15 days to reach it. About 10 mins each day. Think I might have skipped a day or so.

I requested payout on Monday (17th) and got paid on Friday (21st). Proof of payment below (click image for larger version):


CashNHits and CashViews… 

CashNHits’ owner apparently also owns CashViews, a site that closed down in April and hasn’t paid its members. PTC Investigations has CashViews on its Not Recommended list.



If CashNHits’ minimum payout was a consistent $0.60, that would be one thing. However, the $0.60 isn’t quite what it seems – it’s for the initial payout, plus there’s a Paypal/Alertpay fee AND the Alertpay fee is five times the Paypal fee. I also have a gripe about sites that don’t tell you as much as they can before you join them. I find it shady and manipulative.


CashNHits is not a disaster of a site, but it’s not as transparent as I believe it could be.

Miss Eb.


  1. ebele

    Hey R…

    Yeah, sites that are economical with info make me cock a suspicious eyebrow. Anyway, I got a review and a handful of cents out of it. No harm done.

    Take care…

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