Cashle Payment Received…Again :-)

Hello my bee bopa loobahs 🙂

It is I, Big Mama, aka Ebele, aka MissEb, aka Mrs Brad Pitt, aka Ms Mango, aka What the Hell is She On About?, aka The Woman’s Obviously Lost Her Damn Frikkin Frickified Mind, aka You Won’t Be Infected With What She’s Got By Reading This Post Right Here, aka Or Maybe You Will – WO-HA-HAAAAAAAA…(lights flicker, thunder booms, phone goes dead, I’m behiiiiind yooooooooooou…)

Ahem. So Here’s My Recent Cashle Payment…

Got this one on Thursday. I don’t use Cashle that much, but I do earn through my referrals from time to time, so that’s where this payment came from.

(click on image to view larger size)

You’ll notice at the bottom that it says ‘Points2shop’. Well that’s because Cashle also owns Point2Shop; the two run side by side in a way.

Anyway, I’m out. Have a gooooood weekend, all.


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