Big Mama’s March: Online Earnings…

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march online earnings
April? April, already? Ged-outta-here.

Eight more months and people’ll start scrambling around for Christmas prezzies like the world’s going out of style.

Anyway…hmmm, March …I was hoping to make a bit more than I did, but I know why I didn’t and that’s more important, I think. My biggest distraction’s me. I’ll just leave it at that for now.

Saying that, I did make more than I made this time last year – in March last year, I made $129.50. This March, it’s $429.08. It’s also an improvement on last month ($349.15).

Earnings breakdown:

Freelance Writing ….. $412.52 (blog writing: $408.02; blog commenting: $4.50)

Surveys ….. $15.60 (pinecone research – $12.80; lightspeed panel – $2.80)

You-Cubez ….. $0.96 (sold a cube)


I think the reason why I did pretty well with surveys in February ($46.67) was ‘cos I’d reached payout on a couple of programs. In a few months or so, the trend will hopefully repeat itself as I’m getting close to payout on a few more.

I’m gonna look back on March in a balanced way – on the one hand, knowing that I’ve improved; but on the other hand, being aware that I’m capable of better.

Hey, how was your month?



  1. Dean Saliba

    Well done on the rise. 🙂

    I dropped the ball last month (down by about $15) as I neglected my blogs because I decided to have a social life.

    I wish someone had told me earlier that persuing a possible relationship and making money online seriously do not mix. 😀

  2. 2ThePoint

    Thanks, Dean.

    Opting for more of a social life is a completely valid reason the last time I checked 🙂

    I think it’s possible to juggle both though – as long you manage your time properly – maybe not work online on the weekends or something.

    take care…

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