Big Mama has a do-follow blog list. Want it, sugar?

I did a gig some time ago where I had to look for do-follow blogs to comment on.

For anyone that doesn’t know, commenting on do-follow blogs is a good thing for your blog/site as it gives your blog some much-needed link juice and makes the search-engine gods smile down on it. It’s like a dog on heat. Search engines get high on it. And so does your blog.

I have a list containing the URLs of 10 do-follow blogs. They’re in the Finance niche with a blog-homepage PR ranging from 1-4 (three PR4s, four PR3s and three PR1s).

Some of these blogs accept keywords, or a mixture of a name plus a keyword. However, for guidance, do check posts where comments have been left.

Most of the blogs are also moderated. Approval time can also vary.

When you get the list, you might notice that there are a few of the blogs that haven’t been updated in a while. Comments are still being approved on them though, so it’s worth leaving one of your own.

I cannot guarantee your comments will be approved as I do not own these blogs. However, if you leave good comments, and study links/keywords others have left when making their own comments, it might increase your chances of yours being approved.

I’ve also added the URLs of three do-follow forums (homepage PR: 4, 3, 2) and a do-follow link-manager site (PR 3). They aren’t in any particular niche.

I checked all sites on the list today (20th Oct), and they’re are still do-follow. The PRs are also still the same. These might change in the future, but again, as I don’t control the owners or Google, there’s nothing I can do about that.

If you’d like a copy of the list, please send a PayPal payment of $2.00 to:


Big Mama over and out.

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  1. ebele

    Hello Anon,

    As I mentioned in this post, I have 3 do-follow forums on the list.

    I don’t know if they’re still do-follow though, or whether the forums themselves still exist, because I wrote this post 9 months ago.

    Take care…

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