August: Online Earnings…

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august plansBoy, I’m not sure where August went. One minute, it was August 1st, the next I was staring September in the face. It was just one of those months.

What I Did in August?

Joined IM Report Card: IM Report Card has been a case of ‘when one window closes, another one opens’. Just as I was saying goodbye to Work-Online, I happened upon IMRC. I’m kinda glad I did as I’ve found it really useful in various ways. This one’s a keeper.

Started a new blog: It’s called Neobux for 30 Days. I was curious about Neobux, so I joined and kept a daily diary about it. Tried it out for 30 days. It’s a bit longer than that now. I invested $5 and I’m now making a tiny bit of profit. I don’t plan on staying there much longer. My curiosity is near enough satisfied. I really enjoyed the learning though and the daily updating.

Joined EasyHits4U: EasyHits4u is a traffic-exchange site. It came recommended. I’m liking it so far. I’m getting traffic, plus I’m promoting a couple other sites on there. I browse 50-100 sites every day or every few days. I know some people don’t really like using traffic exchanges as they can be a bore, but I’m actually finding it quite interesting. I use it as an opportunity to not just see what people are promoting but HOW they’re promoting it. By the time I’ve done that, it’s time to view the next site.

Earnings in August…

I made just over $200 this month. $204.12, to be exact. Not my best month, but not my worst either. It’s money nonetheless; money that I didn’t previously have.


Freelance writing: $96.00 (private client)

Surveys: $59.13 [MySurvey UK – $8.48 (£5), Toluna UK – $17 (£10), HomeofResearch – $33.65 (£20)]

IM Report Card: $25.63

Amazon UK: $14.60 (£8.85) (sold a book I didn’t need)

Proofreading: $8.49 (private clients)

Pickjack: $0.27 (still getting payments though I no longer use the site. I found the message they left with the Paypal payment a bit hilarious. I quote: “You get paid now so you see that now you no need to don’t email pickjack to ask why your money are. Go to pickjack and write one question please and thank you.”   Ermmm. Ooook, Pickjack.)

Anyway, roll on September. Good luck to everyone this month. Skinny dreams are banned. Dream BIG, ya hear?


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