August: My Plans for the Rest of the Month…

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august plans
I know we’re some way into August, buuuut these are my online plans for the rest of the month:

1) Sell Used Books…

I’ve been spring cleaning my library throughout the year – used books and fairly-new ones too. Some books I’ve read and others I bought with good intentions, but have since accepted that I’m not gonna get round to reading them. I also have quite a few textbooks lying about from my computing days. So far this year, I’ve made £41.32 ($68.96) off the books I’ve put up on Amazon and GreenMetropolis. So this month, I plan on putting up more. The ones that turn out not to be worth selling online, I’ll take to a charity shop.

So, yeah, I seem to have a bit of money lying around in shape of books I don’t need.

2) Freelance Writing…

I only write for one private client now and that suits me fine. The only other paid writing I do is for Work-Online which is great as I can write as little or as much as I want to on there. Those are the two I plan on sticking to for now…and in the near future. That way, I have the time and energy to explore other income avenues.

3) Earning through Referrals…

I’ve gotten the odd small referral payment here and there but two key events have happened over the last month or so that’s starting to open my eyes to the possibility of earning more through referrals:

GetaFreelancer: last month, I earned $71 through an active referral who joined through me

Work-Online: I’ve made £31.20 (about $50) on Work-Online so far – with the Paypal fees taken off, it’s £29.74 ($48.92) – but of that £31.20, about £11 was earned from the people I’d referred to the site (and who went on to write stories on the site).

Earning through referrals is something I’d like to delve more into. I think it might suit my curious but transient nature. I already like digging around sites and writing about my experience of using them (hence the list of reviews on the left). I enjoy the investigative element and the personal reportage. So I’d just be playing to what I feel to be one of my strengths and (hopefully) gaining monetarily from it.

Anyhoo, nuff about moi, what about you? – what are your plans for the rest of the month? (yeah, I’m nosey – what, you think noses are just for breathing? My nose multi-tasks superbly.)

Have a good week, people 🙂

Ebele over and out.


  1. Virtual Image

    I plan on looking for new places, last month I did really well on Text Broker but this month their jobs are really tough.

    Please share any new places you may find, I will keep an eye on your blog for updates.

    Take care Ms. Ebele 🙂

  2. ebele

    I’ve heard of (via a WAHM forum, I think). Only open to US writers, but I believe that’s where you live, right? Might be worth checking out. If you do join, let me know how it goes.

    take care now…

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