August 2011: Online Earnings – Didn’t Do Too Well…

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I really didn’t do well in August in the online earnings department. Not well at all. Made less than $100.

But, ho hum, that’s the reality of making money online – it comes with its peaks and dips. Or maybe I’m just telling myself that.

Also, things were quite good for me offline, so I guess I didn’t put myself under as much pressure to work online.

Plus, I’m not doing CloudCrowd anymore, so that had an impact on my earnings.

August Earnings: $75.64


– Blog writing – $74.24

Squidoo – $1.10 (Create single pages of info. Range of topics. Each single page is called a lens. I only have one lens there at the mo’.)

CloudCrowd – $0.30 (more about CloudCrowd)

…and that’s it.

On a more positive note, my August earnings pushed my total online income for this year to over $3000, plus my total earnings are better than last year’s by about $330 …and the year’s not out yet!

My offline funds are steadily decreasing so I need to get back on top of things online. Every little really can help.

September’s a new month so we’ll just see how it goes. 🙂

I’m out,


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