August 2010: Online Earnings…

Right, I’m gonna jump straight to it. I made $496.44 in August. Grateful for the money, but slightly frustrated it was a few dollars short of $500. I’m no longer aiming to make $1000 a month for now; need to go back to the drawing board. Actually, there wasn’t a board to start with, or a marker, which was parto of the problemo.

Another part of the problem was…at the start of every month, things tend to look more achievable, don’t they? So I thought, “hey, why not shoot for $1k this month?” I just sat there and plucked a nice round thousand outta my head like the frikkin tooth fairy was gonna tuck a wad of dollar bills under my pillow.

Anyway, August’s earnings (breakdown):
(any figures in pounds means I was originally paid in that currency)

– Writing: $249.13 (blog writing – $230.64 …and blog commenting – $18.49 (£11.87))

CloudCrowd: $80.88 (paid to complete tasks) (read my CloudCrowd review)

– Research work: $47.75 (last pay from the research gig I packed in)

– ebay: $36.13 (£23.34) (still getting rid of stuff)

– Surveys: $27.82 (£17.73) (MySurvey UK – $11.67 (£7.50); Crowdology – $6.90 (£4.23); Pinecone Research – $4.63 (£3.00); LightSpeed Panel UK – $4.62 (£3.00))

– Proofreading: $24.24

Triviala$23.37 (£15.00) (games/trivia site) (read review)

Swagbucks: $5.00 (paid to search, do polls, surveys, etc. To find out more about Swagbucks, read my review)

ToneADay: $1.79 (read review)

QuickRewards Network: $0.33 (GPT site) (read review)

TOTAL: $496.44

$500: a new obsession…

This is the second time I’ve been sooooo oooo oooo close to making $500/month this year. In June, it was $492.96. Because I’ve been so close, because it’s eluded me TWICE, I can feel it becoming something of an obsession this month. Maybe that’s the extra ingredient I need.

Here’s to a kick-ass September (for you, too). Grrrrrr it.



  1. B's Mama :-)

    $496.44 may not be what you hoped for, nonetheless, I’m really happy for you! Well done!

    Never loose sight of your dreams, goals and visions. x

  2. GoofyDad

    Hey, you’re definitely doing better than I am; and it’s evident that at least you’re making a profit at this point!! It’s frustrating to me to see the people knocking it out of the parks, but, like with my new blog at, they started a LONG time ago, and have been steady at it! I’ll bookmark you, and I think you’ll hit that $500 in September – you can do it! 🙂

  3. ebele

    I hope I do hit $500 this month, but if I don’t, hey, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe I should just be grateful at the marvel of the internet that allows me to make money in the first place. I know $500 is doable and way more than that, so when it happens, it happens.

    You get all sorts; there are some people who are making an incredible amount of money online without having been at it for a good while. And then there are people (like you mentioned) who are making a killing because they’ve been at it for a long time. I find either person admirable. I’m happy for them, though at times I REALLY really wish it was me.

    Take care and thanks for passing through. All the best to you in Sept.

  4. Rachel

    Good for you on how much you made. You could try looking for pay to blog posts and writing work at digital point forums and also writing work at elance. I find they are both good sites. I also make money writing blog posts for payu2blog and also doing surveys for pureprofile and yougov. Doing some of these may help you to reach your target – good luck.

  5. ebele

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

    Writing work’s been good to me, but as much as I keep coming back to it, ultimately it’s not something I want to be doing.

    I will revisit paid posting, though, so thanks for that. I dabbled in it a long long time ago.

    I do surveys already.

    Take care…

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