April: End of Month Earnings (the Reeeally Late Edition)

img credit: Andrew Mason

end of month earnings

I made $403.79 in April, but just never got round to vocalising it on the blog (which is unlike me but there you go.)

Proof of payment (iiiis behiiiind yooooooou).

…erm, is below.

proof of payment
– blog writing: $336.30

– surveys (Pinecone Research): £9.00 ($13.30) – (read more about Pinecone)

– blog commenting: $9.31

You-Cubez: £3.00 ($4.38) (read more about You Cubez)

ebook sale: $3.08

– Pickjack.com: $0.06 (I really don’t care much for Pickjack anymore – haven’t been active on there for months, so I was a tad surprised by this one. I’ll do my best not to spend it all at once.)

Payments not reflected in Paypal account as they were paid by bank transfer:

– payment from freelancewriters.info for editing articles – £22.71 ($33.70)

– book sold thru GreenMetropolis.com – was £3.00, but I withdrew £2.50 ($3.66)

I Looked Into That Crystal Ball I Got from the 99p Store and It Said…

…that my earnings for May are gonna be quite low as I shift from creating content for other people to creating my own content – working for myself in the true sense of the word.

See ya.

May a good weekend devour you whole and spit out a more relaxed you.


  1. ebele

    Thanks, Ajith!

    No, I haven’t received any feedback about the ebook. I wasn’t particularly expecting to – when I buy ebooks, I hardly ever send feedback – I only did so once when I was prompted to. I might send follow-up emails for feedback.

    take care…

  2. TriNi - Make money online free

    Aw that’s still a good amount! Congrats on your earnings. I love your blog and your writing style. 🙂 pretty funny stuff..

    I have to do an end of month update soon too.. hopefully at the end of the month lol.

    Thanks for stopping by :)..

  3. ebele

    Hi again,

    Yeah, April’s earnings aren’t bad at all.

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂

    Will be passing by your blog again – keep it up.

    take care…

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