April Earnings, Updated Penny Fund & Month Ahead…

(hold up while I go count it – sing to yourself or something.)

Ok, I’m back!

As of 30th April, the Penny Fund stands at 252 pennies (up from March’s 205 pennies).


I made $229.23 in April (after Paypal fees). Most of it was from freelance writing with a trickle of it coming from stuff I sold on amazon and ebay as well as selling the first copy of MY EBOOK!

Proof of earnings:

(p.s.: Amazon pay straight into my bank account, y’all, because I am She Who Must Be Obeyed.)


Putting it into context, I’ve made over $650 (online) so far this year! That’s a big chunk of my monthly rent right there! $650 is a 1-week holiday in Greece or a return ticket to New York before the bloody high-season prices kick in. I’m not sure exactly what I’ve used the money for, but I can tell you that it’s all come in handy.


I’ve been temping as a P.A. for the past 3 months or so, but from next week, it switches to part time (no more than 2 days a week). It gives me more free time to work on my own stuff which is cool, but it also means I have to look for ways to supplement my income. I think I’ll be ok for this month, but I need to put my booty into gear NOW for the coming months.

So since I’ll have more time on my hands, my (rough) plan for this month is:

– to increase my online income through freelance writing, the promotion of my ebook and the (possible) development of another website.

So what are your plans for this month?


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  1. 2ThePoint

    Hey, thanks for passing by! Yeah, with more free time this month, that’s the target I’m setting myself for May. I’m going to be real gentle with myself though and just push myself a tiny nudge. We’ll see how it goes.

    take care…

  2. Dean Saliba

    Nice earnings.

    Since I’ve been doing this I’ve been able to go out for a few nights on the town each month.

    I earn around $290 a month and last month I got to $298, I was hoping to break the $300 barrier this month but Google took my PR2 away from me, which was nice of them.

  3. Petula Wright

    That’s great! You’re doing a fab job and it’ll only get better. I don’t think I necessarily have any different plans; I’m just gonna keep plugging away. I should come up with another plan or an addition to my plan or something cause I need more dough! Much more to survive.

  4. 2ThePoint

    Hi Dean

    Good on you! How did you achieve that?

    Sometimes, when you’re trying to reach a certain level, it happens when it damn well wants to, not when you want it to! You’ll break the barrier eventually – somehow.


    Petula: thanks, hun. I’ll keep you in mind if I find any writing gigs I feel you might be interested in. Do you frequent the Digital Point forums? I’ve gotten some really good gigs on there. And how’s it going with Writers: Share?

    take care…

  5. Monika Mundell

    You know, before long you will earn a full time income. I can see the resolve in you and it looks like you are on fire baby.

    After reading your ebook I know that you have plenty of fire within you and that you are a very strong woman too.

    Well done I bow to you with the utmost respect and admiration!

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