And Now, Ladies & Gentlemen, For My Next Experiment: Poetry…

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It’s not something I mention a lot on this blog, but I used to write quite a lot of poetry. I don’t write much of it these days, but I do have a fairly large body of work just sitting on my desktop from years of writing.

My head’s been in this whole make-money-online thing for a few years. I thought it would be interesting (for me) to see if it’s possible to combine the two: poetry with making money online.

It’s an idea I started last year, but didn’t follow through. I wanna give it a proper go.

MY FIRST IDEA: Set up a poetry site/blog (or several poetry mini sites)…

I thought about setting up one site, then putting all my poems on there (in categories). But then I thought that maybe I should set up a variety of niche poetry mini sites.

I’m still not 100% decided on which way to go, but for now, I have 2 poetry blogs:

i) Sex. Chocolate. Ice cream. – an erotic/sensual poetry blog. This one is on its own domain and hosted there too. The expression ‘Sex. Chocolate. Ice cream’ initially started as a playful post on this very blog. Following that post, I decided to register something along those lines not really knowing what I was going to do with it. Once I bought the domain, I struggled with it, left it bare, put some content on, tore it down, left it bare again for months. But then the poetry idea came.

ii) – the theme of this one is self explanatory, I think. This one doesn’t have an independent domain; is hosted on blogspot. Years back, I had an avid interest in people’s names. I’d find out about a name and wrap it in a poem. I then set up a site for it, but took them off a year or two later. About 2 years ago, I joined Hubpages (a revenue-sharing content creation site). Thinking of what pages to create, I decided to do one about how to write a name poem. Doing that brought it all back and I decided to chuck the name poems back up.

I’ve set both blogs up so they behave more like static sites than blogs; I took most references to dates off – that way I don’t have to update them all the time.

For now, I’m gonna concentrate on these two, experiment, tweak, monetise, work on attracting (the right) traffic, tweak, learn, etc. In time, if I can make money off either one, then I can use a similar formula for other poetry sites I might decide to set up in the future.

Wish me luck!


  1. TriNi

    I really love them! Both of them. They’re different but unique in their own way. If you can network with bloggers and others interested in the same niche, you can definitely bring traffic to your blog.

    There’s no arguing about your writing talent.. just work on traffic kiddo! 🙂


  2. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Nne best of luck! I think you should consider changing the theme for The present one might prove hard to navigate for some folks.

    The dates can easily be removed by deleting certain codes from the source of the theme file. If you need help with that holla @ me. 😉

    Make sure your poems have been filed for copyright oh! U never can tell who might be making money off your past time 😉

    Throw in a couple of adsense ads and keep the “sex affiliate shop” alive.

    Feels good seeing a Naija chick been open about sex, chocolate and icecream though na “janded” naija babe. lmao.

    Have a great sunday 😉

  3. ebele

    Hello TriNi,

    Aww, thanks, hun 🙂

    I’m kinda looking at what I have, looking back at what I used to do and incorporating it with the knowledge I’ve gained online over the years. If I can make a success of this, I’ll be well chuffed ‘cos it’ll be a marriage of three worlds I wanna be in: creativity, money and online property.

    I’m onto the traffic bit, started looking around for (and bookmarking) relevant sites.

    Have a great week 🙂

  4. ebele

    Hi Chukwudi 🙂

    Thanks for the luck. I’m gonna need a bit of that as well as my own self-made luck.

    Right, sexchocolateicecream – you know the links to the rest of the poems below each poem? Do you feel that’s not enough to navigate around the site with?

    re: Copyright – I hear you. It’s not necessary to file a copyright though. However, I will put the copyright symbol somewhere on the site.

    Adsense: a) I’m not sure how relevant the ads would be, and b) you can’t put Adsense on adult content. My stuff ain’t hardcore, nowhere near it, but I do want the freedom to write what I want when I want without worrying about getting banned by Adsense.

    What does “janded” mean?

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    You have a lovely Sunday, too.

  5. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Janded is what we call those who have been to the UK as in Jands=UK and Yankee=US.

    It’s as though you’ve never stepped foot in Nigeria. If you have you’d most definitely have come across such slangs 😉

    See this stupid boy. I actually forgot that adsense doesn’t go with sex related content.

  6. ebele

    Hello again 🙂

    I haven’t been to Nigeria in a good while, so no, I’m not familiar with that particular slang.

    I guess Adsense could go with adult content if Google was open to it, but they have their reasons for not wanting to go there, mostly very good ones I should imagine. Saying that, I did see ‘sensual poetry’ in the Google Keyword Tool. Anyways, I’m happy not to use Adsense on that blog.

    Take care…

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