Am I Scared of Money?

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I was in the bathroom the other day (erm, as you do) and the above question came up. I didn’t think it, I didn’t ask it – it just came.

Since then, it’s been floating round my head — and as recurring as the question has been, I don’t have an answer.

That’s ok for now.

Me? Scared of money?

I know the answer isn’t ‘No’ ‘cos if it was, I feel I’d have a better relationship with money and have more of it.

Well if the answer ain’t ‘No’, then, duh, it’s ‘Yes’ then…

…well, for some reason, I’m reluctant to go with that even though I know that’s the likely answer.

Am I asking the wrong question to start with?

Well, if I asked it, then maybe. But I didn’t. The question, erm, asked the question.

One thing I do know…

…is that the question is important. I feel/think it is. To me.  (for some reason, I’ve got this image of a question mark wearing a feathered hat tipped to the side like a pimp).


I wanted to put the same question out to y’all. Are you scared of money? Do you think you are? It’s cool if you’ve never thought about it or can’t answer it. I can’t at the mo’.



  1. Corrie

    yeah that was a question that I asked myself too a while back.

    Except that I was not on a toilet lol I got 3 kids and a dog – I have to practically race to finish every time (that could be one reason why I like coffee so much )lol

    Have you ever read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”? Good book to read if you ever want to ask more questions to yourself about money:)

  2. ebele

    A lot of my ideas are born in the bathroom – but more in the bathtub than sitting on the toilet. 🙂

    I’ve heard about ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, but never read it. How was it for you? What did you learn from it and how did it impact on your life/relationship with money afterwards?

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