Aaaaaaand another one!: Bloggerwave just waved at me!

Wooooohoooooo, this blog’s been accepted by another paid-to-blog service!

There are quite a handful of paid-to-blog sites out there – I’ll fill you in on them as and when. But yeah, Bloggerwave’s another way to make money off your blog.

My first task is this blog post, giving them a mention – minimum 50 words – and I get $10 – which is cool – not bad at all – every little counts and all – if you saw $10 stuck to the pavement, wouldn’t you pick it up? – remember how you felt when you dug behind your sofa and found a £1 coin – wasn’t that pure bliss??!! 🙂

I get the impression that Bloggerwave haven’t been around for too long, but I wish them all the best – teething problems are a given. Payperpost is really good, one of the A-listers in the paid-to-blog world – however, in my opinion monopoly can be a bit twisted, obsessive (think Google, think Microsoft) – one guy shouldn’t get to eat all the chocolate, serious tummy ache – so having other competitors like Bloggerwave on the paid-blogging scene can only be a good thing I say. Healthy competition makes for healthy bones, good hair and blinding-white teeth. ‘Cos you’rrrre worth it.

Will keep you posted on how my blog and I get along on Bloggerwave.



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