5 Bloggers I’d Like to Meet…

I actually haven’t been blogging that long, but in that time, I’ve met some really nice bloggers online. One or two have been assholes, but it’s not their fault, I’ve prayed for them and made voodoo dolls for them in equal measure.

Anyway, ahem, there are certain bloggers I’ve come across where I’ve thought, ‘you know what?, I’d like to meet you one day.’   Now obviously, it would be pretty impractical and expensive to do so (and maybe scary for them too, ‘cos I could turn out to be, like, A TOTAL FRUITCAKE)

…but I say it’s the thought that counts :-).

We could talk over copious amounts of coffee, mint tea and chocolate. Funnily enough, I wouldn’t wanna talk about blogging at all. Just chilling, talking about life and general guffawing would suffice.

I make mean spicy bbq chicken wings with rice and a side helping of mango and tomato salad. (wink, wink; nudge, nudge)


1) Petula Wright – Heart all over. Warm. Down-to-earth. Gorgeous face. Gorgeous spirit. Stronger than she thinks.

2) Naomi Dunford @ IttyBiz – Funny. Funky. Sassy. Loose-tongued. Fearful. Fearless.

3) Maki @ DoshDosh.com – One of the first blogs I read when I stepped into the make-money-online world. I’ve stopped reading a lot of blogs as they just don’t interest me anymore, but I still go back to Maki’s every now & then. Seems like a really cool person. Genuine. Quietly powerful.

4) Bloggernoob – I love Nooby Noob! Been dropping by his site ever since he started. Love his honesty and his desire to experiment.

5) Monika Mundell – From the word go, she’s always been supportive – not just of what I do but who I am. Really glad to have met her. I offered to send her a prezzie to say a BIG THANK YOU for all her support, and she said no ‘cos she thought it’d be too expensive for me to post it out (She’s in Australia, I’m in London).   Monika’s a truly beautyFULL person – please meditate an ‘Ohhhhhhmmmmmmmm’ her way ‘cos she so deserves it! Mango Karma, dahling. Mango Karma.

Mmmm…Ben & Jerry’s for dessert…



  1. Monika Mundell

    Oh sista,

    I’m sure we are lost sisters from way back. Those of the good kind though. No arguments here. For some reason I believe that one day we might actually meet.

    John’s a true pommie man so we will always come back to visit the folk.

    Your chicken with rice and oh yes, the MANGO sounds all too delicious to resist. Now I’m all hungry.

    Thanks for that cool ooooohm…I will remember that this weekend when I ohm myself into oblivion. 🙂

  2. Hse McD

    hey, 2thepoint…thanx for the comment you left in my blog. Sorry, i saw it only by now coz i was kind of busy lately and din follow up on the comments…

    btw, i subscribed ur blog~ i like ur writing very much, it really darn ‘2thepoint’ haha :p

    have a nice day~

  3. Raivyn

    Nice choices! Maki is the only one I’m familiar with, and I’d like to meet him also, but the others seem great, too. New blogs to check out!

  4. 2ThePoint

    hse mcd: No problem at all. Nothing to apologise for. Busy is as busy does. Thanks for passing through (and the compliment!) Take care…

    Hi raivyn!: Yep, Maki seems cool. You could also check out selfmadechick.com and 6weeks.ca. Take care and thanks for dropping by.

  5. Ajith Edassery

    Never mind… pro’lly my English is confusing to many? 🙂

    (I was wondering whether you were referring to some of those prolific bloggers? john chow, john cow etc)


  6. 2ThePoint

    Hi Ajith

    Your English is fine. I just didn’t get the question.

    From my list, you can see the people I’ve referred to. Those are the bloggers I’d like to meet.

    take care & thanks again for passing by.

  7. Petula Wright

    You oh so rock! That sounds so good… the food, the chocolate, the drinks! Mmm mmm mmm. And no blogging talk? Sounds like a little peace of heaven.

    See what I miss out on when I go away. I’ve been a terrible blogging buddy! :} Your words are so kind.

    Can’t wait to see you! LOL!

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