30 Swagbucks? Oh Cool :)

I like it when that happens. Doesn’t happen enough. I usually get less than 10 swagbucks when I do a search on Swagbucks’ search engine. So when I get 30, that’s schweet & worth posting about to remind myself that it actually happened :).

For those of you who don’t know, Swagbucks is a site that pays you to do various things: complete offers and tasks, watch videos, use their inbuilt search engine, amongst other things. I go into a bit more detail about the site here. (I wrote that in 2010; things have changed a bit since then. However, the write-up gives you more of an idea about the site.)

30 swagbucks isn’t 30 bucks. Wish it was. As well as ‘swagbucks’ being the name of the site, it’s also the site’s point system. 30 swagbucks is roughly 30 cents or less depending on how you choose to redeem it.

I really don’t do much on Swagbucks anymore – nowhere near what I used to. So at best I cash out a £5 Paypal voucher a month. I’m good with that for the little I do – search once a day, answer the daily quiz, do the daily special offer – 5 minutes tops.


Miss Eb.


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