21st and 22nd Swagbucks Payments on Their Way!

I just requested my 22nd $5.00 Swagbucks payment. I made a previous request on the 15th.

So that’s two $5.00 Paypal payments winging their way to me at some point (hopefully next week).


That’s my month’s hosting covered. (which reminds me, I still ain’t moved this blog right here to its own hosting. Tut tut.)

My Swagbucks payments are now becoming more frequent for a number of reasons:

– I do a task on there almost every day – answering a few questions about a website (for UK residents only). It’s under Earn—Tasks. Each time I complete it, I get 20 swagbucks.

– I receive a message in my inbox each day to watch a video. If I watch it and answer a question, I get 3 swagbucks.

– I very recently found a very quick survey to complete every day that pays me 55 swagbucks upon completion. It’s under Earn—Special Offers—Payment Wall.

So that’s 78 swagbucks a day, *546 swagbucks a week. This doesn’t include the swagbucks I get for searching and for doing the daily poll.

(*I need 700 swagbucks to request a $5.00 paypal payment)

I’m not expecting those swagbucks to be guaranteed every day; things could change. But while I’m able to earn that, big mama will be making the most of it, sugar. 😉

Have a good weekend, y’all.


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