2011: Year of the Big Mama…


11 days in already? Sheesh. Where does all the time go? No, really.

Anyway, I’ve spent that time thinking about what I wanna be doing online this year.

Climbed up a mountain, crossed my legs, closed my eyes and ommmmmmmmmed ’til I grew a fine lady beard.

What Big Mama Wants to Do This Year…
i) Build independent sites…

My aim this year is to move towards building sites that run on autopilot. Sites, not blogs. I wanna work on making money with sites that don’t need hand-holding. So, for example, I plan on turning my survey blog into a static survey review site. No updating content two/three times a week. No interaction. Just write survey reviews. Add new ones from time to time. But promote the heck out of the site. That’s where I’m learning the money is: promotion, building lots of backlinks.

Content is cool, good content – but I’m learning that attracting traffic, relevant traffic, is just as important. Probably more important.

This time last year, I probably wouldn’t have thought about earning in this way. It’s not something that appealed to me at the time. But now, I’ve very much warmed to the idea. I know there’s a lot of work involved in making it happen, but I wanna give it a go.

ii) Work more on Hubpages…

The more I use Hubpages, the more I learn about how the world of making money and the internet works. If I can use Hubpages to learn what topics/niches work, and how to attract the right kind of traffic to my hubs and so on, then they are lessons I can take with me and implement on any of my own sites I set up.

There’s a real friendly Hubpage community too, hubbers only too willing to share tips about making the most of Hubpages.

I plan to write at least one hub a week.

iii) Reassess my domain/blog collection…

I have a handful of domains that I really need to take a look at. For each, I have to decide if I wanna work on it, or let it go.

I also have some blogspot blogs. For each, I need to decide whether I wanna take the self-hosting route, move it to Hubpages (if possible), absorb it into GetPaidtoFart.com (if it’s a make-money-online topic), maybe change it into an ebook, or delete it altogether.

I basically just want a collection of sites and blogs that are working for me, earning me money, that aren’t vegetating.

iv) Continue with CloudCrowd…

CloudCrowd turned out to be one of my top earners last year ($600+), so I plan on sticking with it this year and making the most of it. I’ve found my experience there mostly enjoyable and I love getting paid every weekday. They have plans in the pipeline which I’m curious about and look forward to being a part of.

(Update – 24th Jan: I’ve had a recent rethink. Though I appreciate my CloudCrowd earnings, the fact that it’s my top earner is really starting to unnerve me. Therefore, I think I might take a bit of a break from it while I seek out other ways to earn that’ll make as significant a contribution to my online earnings.)

v) Continue with ToneADay…

Rating words at ToneADay pays 2 cents a pop. Ain’t much, but those itty bitty 2 cents can add up, plus they’re relatively easy to do. While the opportunity is there for me to earn, I’ll use it. I can’t imagine myself sitting there for hours rating words, but I think I can put in a bit more effort than I have over the past couple of months. I can make it work for me without it building up into a drama of a chore.

(Update – 22nd Jan: Toneaday has changed its tune, so I’ve had to take a raincheck.)

vi) Move the GetPaidtoFart blog to self-hosting…

It has to be done. And it will be. I’m just taking a deep breath for now before I do.

There are more pros than cons to moving this blog to WordPress. For one, I won’t be in fear of Google suspending my blog again for whatever reason. I also wouldn’t mind selling some advertising on my blog at some point. Self hosting means I’ll be open to more opportunities.

I just need to breathe, put a weekend (or more) aside, have plenty of coffee and chocolate on standby, and just do it.

vii) Other Ideas…

Over the year, I’ll be experimenting with other ideas online. I don’t wanna just think about them anymore. No point in leaving it all boiled up in my head. If they bomb, they bomb. But, hey, what if one or two succeed?


I’m a polymath. There’s a whole city in my brain and it changes its name everyday. As much as I like to do things when I wanna do them, in order to achieve what I want this year, I think I need some structure. I’ve got to make the structure interesting and exciting though, or else I’ll just get bored of it and slip.

Year of the Big Mama…

I wanna work for ME in the true sense of the word. And I wanna earn more than a part-time income online. I’ve seen people do it, everyday people, likeable people and assholes alike, so I know it’s doable.

This year, I want more than just a taste of what’s possible.



  1. avatarlady

    Hi Big Mama. You got a nice list in there. I also thought of getting active on Hubpages but I’m preoccupied with other things. I plan on creating my own community on facebook and yahoo. That might help what ya think?

  2. ebele

    Thanks, avatarlady :0)

    I don’t have any experience creating a community on Yahoo or Facebook, but out of the two, I’d rather go for Facebook as I think it’s more popular.

    In any case, good luck (and have a fab 2011).

    Take care now…

  3. ithinkheaven


    I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I’m just wondering what hosting and registrar service you use. I use hostgator and pay $10 a month for unlimited domains, and I only have one, which sucks. (I chose the plan as part of a IM course I took a few months ago as a complete newbie and am now basically losing money with my blog, much less making any.)

  4. ebele

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the compliment 🙂

    For hosting, I use hostgator too. I register my domains on GoDaddy and Bluehost, but mostly GoDaddy.

    If you’re losing money with the blog, could you possibly sell it?

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