19th Swagbucks Payment on Its Way :-)

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I remember hearing about Swagbucks a few years ago and assuming it was only for US residents.

Duh. How wrong was I?!! Found out UK and Canadian residents could join too.

Swagbucks pays to search, complete surveys, view videos, etc. I joined in January 2010 and since then have earned $90. Not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but I really don’t do that much to reach payout – I search, do the daily poll, attempt a survey every now and then (verrrry rarely).

There used to be a time when you’d get rewarded for finding codes on Swagbucks, but they don’t do that anymore; that used to be fun.

Sometimes I have active referrals, which makes it easier. But I’d say, of the $90 I’ve earned to date, a good chunk of it has come from what I’ve been doing myself.

I cash out every time I have enough points to order a $5 Paypal payment and recently made my 19th $5 order. 🙂

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Should be getting that within 10-14 working days.

(The image below shows the total number of orders I’ve made to date) 

Will put a tiny bit more effort into using Swagbucks, methinks. I used to earn $5 every month there… effortlessly too…but I haven’t been particularly consistent over the past few months, which is why I haven’t cashed out since August or something.

To learn more about Swagbucks, read my Swagbucks review.




  1. Daniel

    I have visited Swagbucks before and was put off for something i can not remember.

    Your post and earnings have encouraged me to go to swag bucks again.

    As i see you have hardly any referrals but on your 19th payment.
    Just a question: what do you do to make money on swagbucks? How do i maximise earnings on there?

    Congrats on your 19th payment though!

  2. ebele

    Hi Daniel, 🙂

    It’s really not that hard to earn on Swagbucks, even without referrals. There are a variety of things you can do to reach cashout every month. Like I mentioned in my post, all I tend to do is use their search engine once or twice a day for points, then I do the daily poll. I don’t really do surveys.

    To maximise your earnings beyond minimum cashout, use the search engine two or three times throughout the day (pace yourself though), watch their videos, do the daily poll, complete some tasks, attempt some surveys.

    I have referrals. However, as several aren’t active, my earnings from refs are intermittent. Swagbucks also caps what you can earn per referral at 1000 points.

    To maximise your earnings even further, attracting referrals will help you if some become active, so it might be something for you to consider doing.

    Take care…

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